A heavy Word

        · I am on here early for just a little while because I will be continuing to pray……I had a very vivid endtime dream last night,but I will not be releasing it at this time just now……. However ,there is a word coming forth..I have had this coming up for awhile now in my spirit……Many of My churches have become brothels..(mainly associated with prostitution etc)…..going furthers I have been seeking more of an answer and this is what has been coming forth……Many of My so called leaders have prostituted the church,you ask Me how? 1.By your silence and tolerance……. 2.By you taking so called “love offerings” and exchanging money and resulting in false signs.(ie:all signs do not necessarily come from the Lord) 3.You have prostituted My people in exchange for wealth and power under a false illusion…… 4.Using great swelling words…..2Peter :2;18..you may want to read that whole chapter…..Note…There is a spirit behind that called heines and another attached to that one….(I am doing a little more research on this as demons do not like a person to know there name or rank in satans army) 5. A veil of delusion and sleep over this land calledl America…..This veil is talked about in Isaiah 25:7 I can only say one thing……People need to look at the word……ask the Holy Spirit for truth as the word says He leads and guides us into ALL truth… Yes,people are being used by God and in the word it says not to despise prophecy,but at the same time,we need to be wise in what we hear and see. Much ,much is coming very very soon,things you and I cant even fathom,but as in Noahs day,the same thing is happening today….and many will not take it well because they would not prepare and listen…… Hosea 4: 6 tells us that His(Lords) people perish or are destroyed ,depending on the translation for lack of knowledge….The truth of this Scripture is not because of a shortage of information,it is because the people DONT WANT TO HEAR……. God bless you all.You better get your house in order for mayhem that is coming!!!!!!!!!

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