I have been pondering on the word I was given awhile back ,it came to me one night and almost all night into the early morning I heard “Bread of Affliction” Now this word is in several places in the bible and affliction means suffering,distress. Hebrews 10:32   But call to rememberance the former days,in which,after ye were illuminated,ye endured a “fight of afflictions” Now prior in verses 26-29 ,a warning is given if a person sinned after having the knowedge of truth,these are warnings to bothe the saved and unsaved…….yet in chapter 6.warnings are given in a hypothetical situation,hence the warnings are God’s means to ensure our perseverance.So warnings are given before judgement is brought to accompolish what God intends it to do…… Afflictions are things that may come upon a person or a nation after warnings are not heeded,turning away from God and not responding in coming back,going on in our own way with out thinking there are any consequences……Hence the words:Bread of Affliction and in pondering and listening here is what is coming forth in my spirit………As a nation,there is a time frame been given to a major call out for souls into the Kingdom,to this date,not many are even listening as the bread of afflicition is upon us because the nation is not responding to God’s call for repentance and it is leading many to be self deluted into thinking nothing is going to happen….But as we all know from bible Scritpure ,there has to be consequences for sin……and so it is that this nation is approaching its hour of the bread of affliction wwhere there will be much much suffering and great distress…..unlike what you have seen around the world……… n,with You might ask,Why might the punishment be more severe???????? America has been a blessed nation with LOTS of blessings and LOTS of freedom,so because having  had all this,and then turning away from God,allowing sin to prevail and no repentance,not speaking out against sin, we should not be surprised when God demands justice,and He will get it,I might add..   The time is now to seek Him,to really fall in love with Him all over again and if you do not have a relationship with Him,now is a good time to begin  one,,get yourself in postion and aligning with what God wants……The things that are coming are going to come swiftly,and without warning… The hope that we have in Him is what will keep us during these days ahead………I will leave you with this Psalm 74:9  We see not our signs:there is NO more any prophet:neither is there among us any that knweth how long….. In otherwords if the warnings are not heeded that come from the prophets (tesses) then the day will come when the signs ,the more severe judgements begin to fall and you will look for a prophet and there will be none…….I have been told by the Lord now to sign all things this way……. and take all things to God and Holy Spirit for confirmation…. In His service, Prophetess to the nations I AM that I AM has sent you and the gates of hell will not prevail…….I normally do not use the titles ,I do not want to bring attention to myself ,but glory only to the true living Messiah,however ,the Lord has instructed me to do this now and I follow orders……God bless  ..

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