WHO WILL STAND By Prophetess Bette Stevens

WARN THE PEOPLE.sayeth the Lord::::::The temple has become desolate……The people have become numb…..The nation is rocking with¬† blood and who will stand?Their cup runneth over with iniquity Their cup runneth over with unrepentance and who wiil stand?The nations become doormat as the churches remain silent and who will stand?They run unto lawlessness They have become gods of their own time and who will stand?They echo the voices of past generations, but follow todays generation and who will stand?Their words sound so god Faithful do they speak of peace and safety and harmony Woe destrudtion must come and who will stand?The days are about over and as time stands still Tears from the past become fear for the future and who will stand????The years have gone by now and we hear the band playing that same tune,who will standEchoing ,who will stand? Echoing,who will stand? Echoing,who will stand?

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