A word for the New Year of Encouragement and Hope/December 29,2015

This is the day that the Lord has made and we shall rejoice in it…..Glory!!!!!!!!! (Please take time to read all the way through)As we approach the ending of another year,and come into the New Year,.God is calling people.not just His people,but ALL people to a self examination within themselves,He is going deep to the reveal the darkness that is hidden there,He is asking to allow him to come in and do a deep purging,a deep cleansing and to show us how to stay that way…..We are the Redemed and we are Redemed from Hell…….Today .let us give thanks,for old things have passed away and behold all things have become new…….. There are some of you today that are living in fear.self condemnation,a false security,families dysfunctional.addictions,hurts,wounds and pain,there are also some of you who want to know the Lord,but don’t know how,some of you new baby Christians are trying to understand the bible,and all the things that go with it…Call out to Jesus and he will direct your path,,,,,,some of us is saying I want to do intense study ,but where do I begin??????Begin ,by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in all truth.then find a church or a ministry or even a place that God will open a door to get Godly ,sound teaching,some of you need prayer,you need deliverance,you need freedom…….your lost,your lonely,your down on your luck,, Father,I thank you that we can come together and praise ,yet another day.for where we are,the fact we can get up.go to a job or wherever it may be…….We love you,because you first loved us…..We honor and reverence you.because you are our only hope,,,,We have been redeemed ,sanctified and move and live and have our being in you…….Its all about you,its all about you…..You and you alone have given us hope and a future…..You abide in us ,as we abide in you………Give those who need to hear your voice, a sense of balance,,make your self real to them, your peace rise up in those who are hurting.lost .confused or lonely.let favor come upon those need  finances,work or job opportunities.allow doors to open where they have been closed,break all barriers and tear  down all roots .hedges,gateway access,not from you,cleanse the body and clean and purify our hearts…….Renew in us a pure heart and clean hands.to be living epistles for you…….In the might name of Yehua,the Messiah…….may He grant us one more day of mercy,grace  and repentance……… For those of you that have prayer requests.or need deliverance please feel free to inbox me or send your requests through the ministry…we will be praying during our New Years eve service…….. For those of you that have just come to the Lord and are looking how to read your bible or what to do next,please let us stand in agreement with you or assist you in this and your walk,,,,,,,Yu have come home and made the right choice.For those of you who are not sure ,please don’t wait:::Tomorrow is not promised to anyone…….Make your decision now……We want to help you and stand with you in your decision…….This is a time of New Beginings,a time of moving forward,you can’t undo the past ,but you can move into the now…….We look forward to hearing from you.we all need a hand up,and to help those who are new to this or less fortunate…….It is said “Life is what you make it”and you have a chance to make it better by deciding where you want to spend eternity…..p in to our  God bless all of you as we step into our destiny and or NEW assignments…… A Servant for the King of Kings.

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