FOOD FOR THOUGHT—December 24,2015

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:::THIS IS NOT AN OPTION People there are so many of you out there contemplating divorce because this isn’t going your way or that isn’t right.(Infidelity is another whole issue)before you do. each of you need to look at yourselves and ask God to exam you….. You have been together a number of years say,so why did you marry him,or why did you marry her  in the first place then had  kids ????????? The minute something goes wrong ,then your looking at someone else.always wanting a challenge and thinking there has to be someone better out there…..  Stop thinking your the best thing that ever happened to anyone,,This ain’t Hollywood……satan is having a hay day with marriages and relatiionships…….No wonder we have problems with  identity……..He has put  and a WEDGE between families ,couples and anything else he can think of,but that still doesn’t make it right in God’s eyes..  Get a  life people,commit your marriage,your family ,your relationship with God….. Do you treat God the same way in a relationship?Think about it!!!!!!!!!Men,God is looking for the head of a GODLY home…..If you are at conflict in your home with your spouse or children,then it might be time to step away and spend a little more time with God and with family and try to get these issues resolved. Many of you will just turn away and let it continue thinking God will fix it,,,Well God can fix it,but maybe God is waiting on you to do something…. Some of you are leaders and have some hidden sin,yet you are still  preaching and a teaching…..How can you do that????? Don’t you know that sin will find you out???/It might just take some counseling,or even deliverance,but  those are nasty words and we don’t want to hear it….maybe some of those pride demon spirits……Hmmmm!!!!!! Men,love your wives as God loves His church…..This is not a a marathon race to show off,nor contolling,but working together to build the marriage and make it strong…….A house divided cannot stand and it will eventually affect your relationship with God……… your husbands,ALL of the above applies to you……God put women here to assist and help and nurture and YES even minister ……He has given each one gifts ,use them wisely to help each other and glorify God….Today ,many need to see that there are still Godly men and women out there….To see families restored to God’s way……..Why do I say all of this?????? Because I am seeing and hearing so many are in the process or on the verge of divorce…..and then the family becomes another statistic of a dysfunctional family and that is what  satan wants… He is promoting his agenda,get the family and the traditional marriage out of the way…..This is another reason to seriously pray for single moms and dads(We fed a lot of single dads with kids that are struggling)If you know of any invite them to be apart of your family activities once in awhile….Invite them to come and talk to them about a relationship with God….They’re out there ,and some of them just need a helping hand,a kind word  and to rekindle that relationship with God,,They need to know there is hope…….For those of you who are blessed to have a relationership with God and each other,and have a full family,don’t take it for granted…let true people see TRUE LOVE.It may be all they have to look forward too……… May you all have true worship of God in this season,may you have peace,love and joy unspeakable…..May you reflect and renew your relationship with God and others….May you know forgivenss,and the love that only God can give to fill that void…We come against any spoken curses against marriages,relationships and against our relationship with God ,we ask for TOTAL RESTORATION and life to come back into marriages and relationships and we praise you and thank you for it,,,It is already done in the mighty name of Jesus(Yeshua)amen and amen…….

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