A Word of Caution for December 17,2015

A Word of Caution:Every assignment,promotion is not necessarily for everyone and everyone’s assignment is not necessarily going to be the same…..Many have assignments just praying and interceding,some are in transfer mode into their assignment and some are still ¬†waiting,and yet some are ready and God is saying,you are about to get sent out……Just remember that not every assignment is for everyone ,nor can everyone go with you and will not necessariy understand your assignment……Be obedient,,,!!!!!!God is not going to call you out,unless he knows you are ready…… God is doing and getting ready to do a moving away of people whom cannot go with you and they were here for a season,,,,be gracious and thank God they were in your life when they were…….The ones He has assigned to you will walk close with you,intercede and help you as you transfer into your assignment and you will need eyes to see this,and ears to hear every move that the Lord is giving in instruction time. Many of you are about to embak on Holy Ghost Suddens,new dimensions of authority and new places and there is a purpose…….. The purpose is for what is coming into the new year but more than that is to further the Kingdom of God and let His name be magnified all over this earth………

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