A Word from the Lord for July 8,2015

   Word from the Lord July 8.2015It has been strangely quiet since I have come off of Facebook and other Social Media,,oh don’t think I am not watching and listening,because I am very closely…….This time has been well spent in doing the things the Lord has commanded us to do in this ministry to get all ready by the end of summer……..I have been spending time talking with those who have kept in touch with me ,because not only do I value those friendships ,but God approves of them,,,,,,He is establishing and looking at relational ships…..He has me looking at the friendships I have and how they relate to how their relationship is with Him……I find it very interesting as He calls me to watch those kind of things……..He said it would tell me much………On the other hand,the Lord gave me a word..a very interesting word……Here it is………”I pledge the allegience to the flag” of the United States of America(It is not mine anymore,I am not in Sodom and Gomorrah)He said to me,the people pledge their allegience to a flag,(Sodom and Gomorrah)but will NOT pledge their allegience to Me.(Hmmm,Is this idolatry)and to the Republic,(Which Republic) Jesus or Satanone nation,indivisble.( a divided nation,a divided church and it is not strong ,but visible,the light is not even flickering anymore)with liberty,(for how long) What about the liberty I brought (cross) to set ALL captives free??and justice for ALL……The justice in Sodom and Gomorrah is not justice,but a milestone around the peoples neck and yes it is for ALL……My justice will be swift and it will be justified…..No one can hide from Me.I see and hear all……If My people,If My people,If My people.who are called will humble themselves ,but you have not humbled yourselves,nor cried out to Me,nor came to Me with a Godly sorrow,no,you are too busy wanting to get out of here,you want to be Raptured as you call it and there is still work to be done ,where you are………You still have work to do within yourselves.Can you not endure a little longer?Can you not intercede a little longer?Can you not take the gospel to the streets a little longer??????This is not all about you,this is about Me,do as I have done and be about the Father’s business a little longer…..Selah!!!!!!!!!Given by a humbled servantBette Stevens    |    | | | |    | |    |

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