Blow the Trumpet Zion and Sound the Alarm

I am hearing in the spirit this morning to secure or tie down your anchor…… Some of you have said,I am ok,I go to a church,I praise the Lord,I always count my blessings.but I hear the Lord saying,that is not enough,SECURE YOUR ANCHOR………Some of you have said,I”m saved,I’m ok,BUT I don’t want God too close,( (Are you saying you want to keep Him at arms length).SECURE YOUR ANCHORSome of you have said.i haven’t got to worry anymore,I am secure……..SECURE YOUR ANCHORSome of you are so full of deception that you cant find the truth….. AND DONT WANT TO,SECURE YOUR ANCHOR………..::::::::UPDATE:::::::::All the rest of this week I will be sending out messages as the Lord directs of warning ,but also of encouraging you to get ready for the return of Christ,if you aren’t already,,,this is a daily spiritual war, we are in and to pick up your cross daily is not an option………As I will be coming away from FB and thank all who want to stay in touch,my prayer to all of you is that you will BALANCE and to DISCERN what is and what isn;t and not just jump in with and run with the crowd……….and this is why………….As a commander on a ship,when there is a threat of danger or something amiss,or an attack he will lead his people on the ship to anchor or tie down ,get prepared for the storm coming at them,,,,,,,,,,So in essence we must be spiritually alert to hear His voice,Jesus said,My people HEAR My voice,so we are to know………So many are  just riding the waves ,and many ride off somebody else’s wave,,,,we can no longer do that because when the anchor is let down,we are then open to anything and everything…….So please,do as the Lord is directing,not me,I am just one calling and sounding,the alarm,SECURE YOUR ANCHOR……SECURE YOUR RELATIONSHIP IN HIM>Don’t be caught  oGnship with unaware……Evil has been cut loose to wreck havoc upon this earth and unless you have a secure and intimate relationship with the Lord,you could very well not make it……..It is a very sober and mind rendering mom)ent to think about but we must all do an evaluation on ourselves daily…….Also for those inquiring as to why we are going off FB,sunday being the last day,the Lord has told me that my assignment will be done on here(I have said warnings will be coming to an end,as well as prophecy)I know that new  assignments are being handed out, I know one of them will be too travel,I also was told by the Lord that all things pertaining to ministry but must done and completed by the end of this summer…..(Hence things will be in place of the coming judgments)Again SECURE YOUR ANCHOR while there is still time.

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