America Days Are Numbered

Jan 14,2015 I heard the voice of the Lord say”America,your days are numbered” Woe to those that say peace and all is well Woe to those that say .”Oh America is not under judgement” Woe unto those that mock the messengers and prophets that come forth and bring warnings,yet are mocked and gossiped and falsely accused…. Woe to those that have not prepared,both their spiritual and physical house….mock and not listen,and have hardened your hearts even now and your eyes ,you will not see,and your ears,have you stopped up…. Be careful for your words will come back upon you and heap coals on your head………. There are worse things coming ,Oh yea America,for you have despised your God, who have done pretty much as you wanted regardless of the consequences……. Vengeance is mine says the Lord ,oh yea vengeance is mine…….

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