Today I have just been listening and asking the Father what He wants to say and what is on His heart and so here it is:::::::Let My People Go!!!!! It is time to take and loose the shakles on and over your lives…….It is for you to spend time with Me….Spend time in My Word……. There are leaders who like to munipulate and to hold onto their congregations.(Kill and Slaughter the sheep) Power and control to keep them as possessions……But the sheep need to also let go and come away…….Many have come under these types of leaders because they want a quick fix….(Don’t have to get in the word,the leader does it for you and your done) They are always looking for a word or a prophecy and it is almost like fortune telling…People are becoming desperate and leaders see them coming………. Many of my people are dry like and island to themselveos and will fall for almost anything if it sounds good… Let’s get REAL here: A person that does have a word for you ,it will not always be to your liking,that is not to say it will be false,but it will be truth and it may hurt,but when its over you will be glad that you listened and that God sent someone to instill truth(Heart) instead of flesh (lies)f A true man or we oman of God does not always pop out a word at the drop of a hat…… Many of us are not lead of satan ,but of the Spirit of the true l iving God and that means we war on behalf of nations,ministries etc people ,we get out and lay out He chooses to answer or when is up to Him and how….NOT a one man show…We are all the body of Christ with different gifts….Begin to learn to use them….and always ask,,,,God does put people in your lives and leaders for a reason………… Also God has been speaking to me about the church . ,and the government of the church……..What I have gotten so far is this:The establishment of the government in the church will be forthcoming and that of apostle,prophet,evangelist ,pastor and teacher and they WILL all be established in the near future.So leaders,be aware God is going to establish order and direction and if you turn these people away,then God will close your doors…….and what I heard was that will be final…..

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