URGENT WARNING:This is a very hard message ,but those that have ears to hear will hear and understand and heed.,,, Father,I am your servant,and to this end will I obey whether those who want to hear or those who do not,,I will warn as you instruct…….. For this purpose did I (Lord) come into this world to save man from their sins and to this end did I lay scorned upon what you call the cross-.taking the lashes and the stripes for all humanity,-taking the spitting,the ridicule,the false accusations,the thorns,and I did NOT give My last breath ,My Spirit until ever sin was accounted for,then and only then did I give My Spirit unto My Father and so saying ,IT IS FINISHED…..and now the Scriptures foretold to you My coming and now having been fulfilled ,now to the end must all be finished………..(fulfilled) I was urged to start to read lamentations and someone else confirmed this also…….This is one that the Lord does not want to wait bringing forth and so please as always pray and seek God on any given message…Let him speak to you……. WOE WOE to you I have been so patient with you…..The earth is filled with the filth of the world,the church brings forth worldy attire,worldly dancing and sings so innocently praises to Me,yet does not bring pure worship to My table ,for I have said,to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth,Woe,you have become social barriers for the lost .allowing them to be saved in their sins……Stop and repent of this abomination now……… The prayers that come up to Me are always about ME and Myself and what I want,not the prayers of a godly people,yet you sit in your seat.day after day and follow those who have sins in and under the pulpits,never preaching on sin,or judgement,but yea,you say I am a good God and nothing would He ever do for He loves us and He is not that way…… Yea, I will say to you in this day,I am a Holy God ,Righteous is My judgements and All both small and great will stand before Me and give an account……..Where Me????????Where have My truths gone..????….. Weep and Wail for this generation does not really know Me….You preach and you fellowship and yet it is like a social club…….. I have long been patient with you,sending messengers to you,yet you do not heed the warnings.and,, warnings will no longer come soon,,, ,things are happening already and you are not aware,done in secret yes,but those who know Me know how to prepare,Pray for mothers and fathers for there are those that will be in much confusion……..I am allowing satan his time now d still I call out for repentance……… Rejoice for your loved ones who have gone on before you for they are at rest and peace….. Many of the older ones have been taken home for they would not be able to withstand what is coming……and IT IS coming……. Many put there hands up to their faces when My messengers come and say NO NO we don’t want to hear this,move away ….yet there is a plaor you in eternity……….. Your government deceives you and your country will abandon you and yet I have never seen so many storing up here on the earth instead of storing up in heaven……Your idols of worship will not save you nor can you take it will you……. Many ask ,why is these things happening now??????? I tell you this day,that your sins and the sins of your nation have put you where you are today,and there is a price to pay which will affect all……and I do not lie………..Repent quickly for I come in an hour when you know not……Selah!!!!!

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