COVERED BY THE BLOOD………ARE YOU/????????????????? THE INVITATION In my posting from yesterday I shared the dream about the beautiful staircase leading up to heaven ,the rising from glory to glory and the Ark of the Covenant wide open………. The dream is an open invitation to get into the Ark quickly before the door shuts……For the backslidden,the lukewarm and even Christians who have slowly allowed the world to creep in……… You can read the first part of the dream on my Timeline…….. Now for the 2nd part of the dream…….<<<<<>>>> OUTSIDE THE BLOOD AND PROTECTION For those that resist this invitation ,I will cast out and I will never know you…….You will be cast into outer darkness where the wormwood grows, where there is grinding and gnashing of teeth,where the thirst is never quenched and the fire never stops burning and the smell of sulphur permeates with the stench of decay and s in……….This is and will be your eternal punishment,and you will remember forever more what brought you here and what you could have had…….. The demons know well your names and will lure you into this pit…….Therefore I charge you ALL to take take heed for I do not lie,nor will I allow those of you to dishonor Me ,refuse to bow to Me,your Holy and One true God,but yea,even you who oppose Me and Satan Himself will bow to Me. Here are the two Scriptures that I was given ,the finality of this >>>>>>> Genesis :Chapters 7 and 8 Noah in the Ark Matthew :Chapter 25 The Parable of the Ten Virgins The Lord said in both of these Scriptures warnings were always coming ,BUT when the hand of God closed the door ,then we saw what happens to those that do not listen and are not ready…..God closed the door and it sealed their destiny…….There was no going back….It was toooo late……..Selah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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