can tell you now that the wind of the Holy Spirit is flowing mightily as it picks up speed…it is traveling across nations,every man ,woman and child will sense this mighty wind……….As it picks up gusto .it will also divide.those for and those against…….Holy Spirit will bring fire to purge households,relationships, both spiritual and shake not only families,but governments, churches,ministries,groups that also oppose God, Nation will knock against nation,in an attempt to alleviate Christian and Jew.,,weather and seasons will be confused as to what is winter ,summer… As you have already seen,weather will change in places it has not been before….. People that were once of the faith,will falter in fear,and will readily follow their own feelings instead of seeking God…… the nations will rebel and confusion will abound…sleeping and slumbering and compliancy have begun to rule and when the New System rolls out,it will catch many by surprise and many will comply with man’s rule rather than God’s even if it is wrong ……. Pulpits will be plundered and church buildings will be torn down…. Many pastors ,not just pastors, are and will continue to fleece their flock under the guise of the New System….and many leaders will succomb and shut up rather than speak out……..and those that follow them will not realize until too late ,what has happened….. Thd day of the Lord’s wrath will come swift and justice will prevail…..There will be no time for excuses…… Yet ,we are not appointed unto His wrath,but we will go through some serious changes and some serious testing…….and this will determine who will stand and who will not….I will be bringing more forward.

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