Are you Moving Forward ,Backwards or Not  at AllAugust 12,2015Tick Tock,Tick Tock,Tick Tock,hear the clock many is lost in the contours of the world……..Running to catch up,never ever really getting anywhere.moving to what may be the next best thing,never able to quite keep up……..We have those moving forward,but not in the right direction,and as busy as they seem,nothing ever gets done……We have those going backwards,wanting to stay in the same place,the most familiar,the most comfortable and trying to recapture the past……We have those not moving at all,Just shuffling,never able to quite make a decision.always in termal,worrying,and just rather give up with the so what will be,will be….. And then we have that rather smaii invisible ones,to most of the world that is,who are diligently seeking someone,faithfully talking,hands finterlocked together ,eyes closed and serious……Speaking so softly ,its like there is an aurora about them,something different,a glow perhaps,a peace we don’t understand,,,,,,,,Take some time to ponder these things…..and reflect ,ask yourself which category fits or which category you are in…?????Are you satisfied,or is there more???????I will answer in our next time together ,in the meantime shalom and may you have peace ,joy and the overflow of the Holy Ghost……In His serviceBette Stevens

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