The Begining of the End::Severe Persecution Coming

                                                     The Begining of the End:Severe Persecution Coming!!!!!                                                        August26,2015Here is a word I am to release all those who have ears to  hear………..  The begining of the end is here…….To know the ending,you must go to the begining……. Hence, to know how to prepare and persevere in these days ahead,you must go back into my Word and read the begining………. As in those days then,did the people suffer persecution,famine wars ,false teaching and much more….Today will be the same way…… has never changed and I have never  changed……This is not something new….. Since the begining of time there has  been sin,as the good and the evil play out……A war is going on and it is a spiritual one,what has been foretold of the end days have already been set in the spiritual  realm,,,then know this,that many of these things have already been done in secret  and  I will bring them out in the open…. Rise up,my people ,the hour is late,it is time for the finishing of the harvest…….I have given you signs in the stars,moon and heavenlies…….Do you not know that you are facing the most difficult times now.????????Do you not see what is around you?Even the unsaved see what is coming,.yes I can work through them when many of my own people are not even ready……. I will once again,make it known through my word and through my messengers,there will be  persecution,you will be severly tested,,,,,,,I am your bridegroom ,and I will take you  through all this and you will be taken through the refiners fire one last time………You will have my protection…so you will not be shaken when it comes……I tell you now ,that YOU HAVE  NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET AND IT WILL NOT ALL BE LIKE YOU THINK IT WILL BE…………I do want to  say something here….For those of you who make be thinking ,that this is God’s wrath,it is not,we are going to have to go through some things even in tribulation because this is satans time that God is allowing…..Remember ,fear is not of God,but truth is,and we need to know the enemy like a good soldier knowing how to prepare and fight the good fight of faith,if we are to endure until the end.Either we are warriors for the Kingdom or we are not…..The decision you make will be eternal and have eternal consequences,  we either pick up our cross and follow Jesus or we follow Baal which is satan,but we can’t have it both ways……… Here are the Scriptures if you are wanting to study and we must balance everything we say…..Let the Holy Spirit be a witness to all I have said……… (KJV) 1Kings18:21   And Elijah came unto all the people,and said,How long halt ye between two opinons?If the Lord be God,follow Him,…but if Baal,then follow him..And the people answered him not a word….. (KJV)2Tim3:12         Yea,and all that will live Godly,in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution… (KJV)Matt13:21       Yet hath he not root in himself,but dureth for a while,for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word,by and by he is offended…… In His Service Bette Stevens www.vvmintorg

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