Prophesy ,times and times again equal times

                                                  September 2,2015 The word of the Lord comes powerful today………..Speak daughter ,for all I have said…..and told you……Speak that My words will come to pass and that all will know that I am Lord,King of Kings and Lord of Lords and that all times is in my hands……..Speak times of times of times….for where I am ,there shall you be also……….. For 1000 years is like 1 day and times of times equal times……Speak boldly,for time is at hand,,,,,,,I am the master of time…….Proclaim loudly that the master minds have come to infiltrate your land,,,,,no longer will you be safe,no longer will your land look the same,no longer will life be as you know it……. Prophesy all that I tell you for famine is coming to this land that you call America,for I ,the great I am will take food from this earth……… Prophesy ,times and times again,for disaster is upon you,master minds that have planned ,oh so long ago ,and  have thought they would get rid of Me,out of the sky,out of the land,but my word still rings true ,even today and I have put my Signature where no man and no devil can touch it……. Prophesy ,times and times again,that my own have been sealed,that they are ready at my command to walk this walk and yet no one will touch them,,,,,,,,, Prophesy,times and times again,that I will bring fire to this earth and not even the nations will be able to stop it,It will start in the heartland and blaze like no other………. Prophesy,times and times again, that war will break out,nuclear,atomic,emp and it will not be a rumor,but yea ,you have heard wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes in divers places ,but yea,I do not come yet,,,,,for there are still things to come that eyes have not seen ,nor heard of,but yet I am revealing them to my prophets(prophetessess) for such a time so you are not left to plan…….. Prophesy,times and times again,that you will go through this fire,for many it will be purification,as a major shift begins to take place,between those that are and those that are not.and those that are to cme….. Prophesy,times ad times again to do my work while it is still light. for the prevading darkness shall soon ome upon this earth and there will be no more time….to work…….. Prophesy,times and times again,that at that time(darkness),it will be better for you to go in and shut the door behind you……. Prophesy,times and times again,that not everything will go as people think it will……..My command to you should always be Watch,Pray and Be Ready….. Prophesy,times and times again,to get your temple in order::Forgive whehre it is needed,,,,,be compassionate and extend it…..Listen ,when it is time to be silent,,,,, remember where you have come from so as not to fall into sin yourself…….pray and keep the joy within,,,,,Let ,My word be a lamp unto your feet……. Prophesy ,times and times again, that it will not be easy,but it is also a time of great power and authority given my chosen,to move forward in the giftings I have bestowed upon them…… bring in the final harvest…….. Only know that I will come as a full King in all my splendor and you will really see Me as I really am,and that I bring rightous judgment,and rightous justice……. Prophesy again,that I have declared judgement upon the land and it is set in stone,,,,,A great shaking and a great falling away,such as the likes you have not seen yet,have begun,nations  will rise and fall because of bad decision,corruption will prevail and you will begin to now see the worst time in your history………Selah!!!!!!! God help us all to be ready that in what ever time ,God will not find us lacking………Our only hope and protection is in the one true living God who never changes…….. I sense this time is truly upon us now…….God bless you all A Humble Servant Bette Stevens

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