September 11.2015                                   – A Spoken Word from the Lord for ALL – Speak daughter ,prophesy times and times again……(Note here please::::when this is said,it means God will hammer this over and over and to pay close attention so that you don’t miss anything)This is to all nations,but particularly in America,and is a warning of what is to come and is happening in other nations….As we progress in these latter days ,the evil that will prevail will encompass the WHOLE world…….. O ,faithless and preverse  generation.how much longer must I put up with you>>>>>Matt 17:17 You have all ,but locked me out.trading your foundation for compromise.trading your peace for comfortability ,trading your faith ,for unbelief.. Has not my patience of mercy taught you anything???Has not My word stood the test over time??? Was it not enough that My Son paid your ransom?? And yet ,your abominations have come to My attention Of this,have I against you…. You hierlings,why have you fleeced my flock,with words of peace,when there will be no peace>>>>Jer  6:14 Why have you made my synagoues a den of thieves,instead of a house of prayer,did I not overturn the money changers of that day?and will do so again…….Matt 21:12 -13 Why have you exchanged the truth for a lie??Rom 1:25 Do you not know that your sin will find you out,,Luke 12:2 Therefore,just as in Lot’s time your sin is so great AMERICA,I have come down Myself and seen if this is true..Genesis18:20-21 O,America,what have you done?? Why have you traded what I have given you,for all the glitter and power and possessions in this life?? Was I not enough??Do you think you can be as Me.do you look upon yourselves as your own god with no accountability………         My Supremacy far surpasses man’s and I laugh at what man thinks they can be as Me……… Now ,I have seen for myself your abominations,and heard the lies,I have turned my face away,for every lie,for abomination,has  been stored for My wrath.. Therefore,a decree has went out of heaven,this day,in the courts of heaven and the verdict stands “GUILTY AS CHARGED” Man ,has always from early history thought to have figured everything out,but even the best theologians and scholoars do not know as much as they thought they did and these things coming will not all go as so many think and plan,for My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts… Therefore,My anwer will come.for it must  or I would not be a righteous God if I do not judge the world and the abominations thereof…..the first one will come in short order ,followed by the most hideous times that mankind will see.nor ever see again…….. Fall down in Godly sorrow now and repentance for this will also in these times bring Redemption such as man has not known,which will lead into the biggest revival the world has ever seen now ,or ever will again… This will be a final testing for God’s people,stand firm and strong,as you gp through,if you are with Me,who then,can be against you??? The war is on for souls,satan will do now whatever He can to get your soul,what decision you make now will have ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES so choose wisely this day whom you will serve and heed the warning of my messengers…….Selah!!! A humble servant Bette Stevens www.vvmint.org

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