| | | Message BodyI heard the shofar /trumpet blowing,and the winds are blowing, this is what I heard….Are you for Me or against Me ??Will you stand??The Doomsday Clock” is winding down.” Many of My chosen have suddenly experienced attacks from the enemy,I am allowing this testing for My people to know how to discern…for their protection…Some have come through and some have not,you will need to know how to discern instantly.for many things will be taking place…….The darkness will descend on this earth in a matter of days,weeks and months ahead…  You are very close to a take over of your own nation  America,where once you were strong,slowly you are desolving into a 3rd world nation,by your own hand……and I have once and for all sealed this nation under MY judgement……..Where  you hear peace and safety,will come sudden will not be completely safe in your homes nor in the cities……..Where once their was safety and calm,destruction and chaos will rule and the blood of many will be seen laying on the streets…….. Israel,will  enter into a war shortly,where blood will run high,o Israel,I have placed in your midst a leader which will lead all of you back to Me??He will lead you back to Me,but not before great chaos will come to your nation,and you will believe the lie of the enemy like you did before,but I have promised I will raise you up and you will know Me,and you will once again arise…. To.all other nations,you also follow Baal and you will follow to your own demise,not only will you loose  money ,but gold and silver around the world will become useless,oh how you follow your own traditions,you would rather put your trust in money and silver and gold .than trust Me,but you shall see when it is too late………. And to the churches,you have become so lax,so silent and complacent,is it any wonder that I wished  to destroy the whole earth and yet it is only by My Son’s intercession that I have had mercy and patience this long…….But all that is about to change….You have been warned over and over ….Even the angels will be silent one half hour over what is going to come upon the earth…… To theleaders that are compromising their postions…….too many do not speak to their people of what is coming(I am to emhazize)YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE,,Every sin is being stored against My wrath…. Things will not necessarily go the way people think nor will events happen the way everyone thinks ,,,,,,,In fact ,many will not even see or be aware when they are in the tribulation,,they will call it by other  names as to cause confusion,but those that are awake,will know,not necessarily will they be believed ,but they will know……. Now a word for My people:are your garments washed,,are you self examining and coming to Me daily,Are you getting closer too forMe?For only those with a spotless garment will enter heaven,NO sin may ever enter,,,,,,,,,,, Are you occupying until I return ??,Are you speaking the truth??You cannot serve Me and flesh,,, The bottom line is a relationship with Me  and that is what I require,,,,It is NOT an option….. My thoughts and some things that the Lord is saying:The time is coming when we will have no bibles,in several of my visions ,especially when I was taken into the tribulation ,I saw mass chaos,round ups,Fema camps,changing the name to community centers,I saw many christians take the mark,and this mark will be both a phsical as well as a spiritual mark.a mark of compromise………I saw mass starvation,families separated,and the Lord reminded me early on that not all of this would come from satan,but that it would come from Him and with it the judgments……. Understanding why………To give you a better understanding,and you may have heard this before,but God’s justice will prevail because He is all knowing ad perfect…..His mercy has been long suffering and many chastisements,but now things are changing,and we need to watch,be prayedup and readied up…. God loves us so much and He wants us to be with should never have to happen,but God knows,and we are now going to enter into the biggest throes the nations have ever had to encounter…….. I have had to ask the Lord to back Me away of some of the things coming,and please know I am not talking about God’s wrath at the moment… My prayer for all of us is to be so close to the Lord,that when we hear His voice, we instantly obey.,that will be so vital in the days,weeks and months ahead……One thing I have heard is”COUNT THE COST”,,Yes people it may cost you something!!!!! A Humble ServantBette   | | Send |

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