Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL—November 25,2015

I had a sister contact me yesterday and she is always encouraging me and especially the Lord has always given her Revelation 3:12 when she prays which reads:Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God,and he shall go no more out:and if I write upon him the name of my God,and the name of the city of my God,which is new Jerusalem,which cometh down out of heaven from my God,and I will write upon him my new name……..Revelation 3:12but in doing so,the Lord had led her to give to me Revealtion 3:11 which is the Scripture before the aboveBehold,I come quickly.hold that fast¬† which thou hast,that no man take thy crown…… My point in being,Revelation 3:11 is a reminder for all of us that Jesus will come quick and let us make sure that we are walking holy and not allowing ourselves with the things of the world .or the times we are in to take us being given a crown of righteousness….Sometimes when we are in ministry or we are trying to help someone ,we may tend to get caught up in their lives to the point that we are not watching and guarding our own heart and spirit.. so this was a reminder ,a heads up to be careful and it is for everyone, to be aware………People that we come in contact with,people that we are so sure to minister with or try and align with,BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL…..even places we may be asked to go that seems Christian,the atmosphere that we come into ,sometimes this is not always God or you are not always supposed to be there just because everyone else is……Most tend to run everywhere that sounds Christian and we don’t stop and ask the Lord ,Is this where you want me????Don’t be so quick to gather with everyone because it seems like the right thing to do,or it seems so Christian…..You may just be running amuk…..

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