Novembet 30,2015

I sense an urgency in my spirit.something is in the wind ,so to speak and it is going to come suddenly…Many of God’s people are being called out on new assignments.,,Ministries not really well known,will now rise to the surface with an uncompromising spirit, ahuge desire to serve only Him and those people / ministries wull have such a heavy anointing over them that people will be drawn to them for truth and for the one that lives inside of them.He is waiting in answers for new assignments to move forward..  (remember,there is a price tag,count the cost) God is calling people now…This is SERIOUS business……Some of you need to visit your   prayer  closets this week……….I can’t stress how important this is……. Things are moving out of the spiritual realm……We are one month away from the new year and things taking shape both good and bad…….Are you ready to serve???????

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