Part 2 November 30,2015

Part 2 to the first post I just put out……… 1.While praying and in your prayer closets,it is time to take a step back and CHECK whom you are to be with……Look for those that are totally sold out to God,you will be drawn by their fruit and you will have insight like you have never had before…..There will be a bond there…..a unity and strength…..This is the time now to get into and with those whom will uphold you in their called assignments. 2.  I am going to capitalize this again,,,,,GOD IS CALLING ALL PRAYER WARRIORS,INTERCESSORS,VIGILANTES(THOSE CALLED TO SERVE AND PRAY) TO UNITE AND PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE…..UPHOLDING EACH OTHER…… upholding those called into the battle,those that are now being called into assignments will have a not easy task for this will be the much needed shaking and standing on higher ground and new territory…….some of you will be called to change atmospheres and new regions to bring down the kingdom of darkness,you will need to have mighty prayer warriors daily and I mean disciplined to pray for you and up hold you ……This will not be easy task, Much deliverance will now become very important and you will see this in ministries,,,,,,,New Kingdom Gates will be established and boundaries and there will be NO recourse……. Pray ,go and answer ,how you will serve,if you know it is an assignment,be ready to move out…….2016 brings with it a move of God ,but also a move of the worst kind by the enemy……. Begin to patrol and arm yourselves now with the word of God…… Many eyes that have been blinded to the things going on around them will now be opened and confusion will mount…….Calling those to serve who aren’t afraid to move mountains and help these  people over those mountains…..PRAY !PRAY!PRAY!and contemplate the things ahead…….selah!!

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