New Assignments givein on 12?01?15

Much going on in the spiritual realm……Clean hands and a pure heart to receive is what I am hearing in the Spirit…… Also God is going to give many new assignments.GUARD your heart…Too many voices and not enough time spent with the LordI am making a public declaration that God has already given me my next assignment,and to remember that with every assignment.elevation,next level.WHERE MUCH IS GIVEN,,,MUCH IS REQUIRED,,,,, My answer to the Lord is yes and amen…..I cannot turn back now……We have a God moving forward,and therefore we must not look back ,but press forward to the high calling that God has for each of us…. Where many are called.few are chosen,because they do not want to receive the truth…..Assignments are being handed out now for the New Year 20016 New levels of opportunity and don’t think you will not be tested,because you will……Some assignments will not be easy,some will be small,but whatever God gives you is for you and not someone else,but it is imperative that you have many prayer warriors/intercessors praying daily.that know how to pray and get results……Be prepared for the days ahead because there is going to be a battle……When God’s Kingdom is getting ready to move ,comes a big battle from the enemy ….Guard your heart and gird up with the belt of truth NOW……… SHALOM

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