Don’t allow others to influence what you know is true and what God has given you…….After having done all….STAND!!!!!!!Ephes:6:13 Don’t allow the influence of quenching of the Holy Spirit or the gifts or to despise prophecy….1Thess5:19 Quenching of the Spirit and 1 Thess 5:20 Despise not prophecy……. Many do not use discernment on most things and call out .that which they do not understand …..and because strong delusion has over taken them,it will overwhelm them in their sin and because of their false allusions,they will fall and the wolves will ravish them…… These are ones that will also come against Gods messengers and watchmen and because of the spirit of jealousy will call out falsely,saying,this is not of God ,don’t listen to them……… There are those that do NOT understand the power of God ……They have no anointing and they ravish the sheep with their ramblings…….BEWARE of the trappings of those that will try and put false words in your mouth ,and declare fruits of the Spirit false……. For you will know them by their fruits…… Warning from the Lord:::::::I will avenge those that would come against my prophets and watchmen…….you who mock and scoff and don’t believe.Be gone ,I say,you have no business with light……I declare I never knew you and you have chosen this day whom you will serve…….Mighty is the sword of Jehovah than the sword of your father who spews lies ….. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! you do not know Me,nor do you know My power that I enable those who seek Me with endowments of favor,and do spiritual exploits… Those whose spirits are dry and have strayed from Me will not inherit the land nor do you understand that I will have mercy on who I will have mercy and I have those keys to both heaven and hell…….I AM THAT I AM!!!!!!!!!!!and I will come with a flaming sword and once again set my feet upon the Mt of Olives……

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