Thy Kingdom COme,Thy Will be Done

Lesson for October 14,2014 Thy Kingdom Come,Thy Will Be done Please read all of the Lord’s prayer and pay close attention to the following Scripture   Matt:6:10 The Lord’s Prayer:::::”Thy Kingdom come,Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven…. We pray the kingdom to come ,which is the full reign of Messiah…….. That is our desire to see God’s kingdom here on earth…… But we have kingdom inside of us…not the physical,but the spiritual….. We have seen so much on the Internet,and alot of focus has been on ebola,the vacines and so forth,but as a body of belivers ,our focus needs to be Christ centered,not fear centered…..Of course we are to be wise,we are given wisdom, and know the time the seasons and preparations,but we are to bring the kingdom down here on earth……… When we center our focus on Jesus,when our minds are pure,when we praise and up lift Him.the enemy has to flee.The enemy can’t stand it….. Yes,when everythig is faling apart around us,we have the kngdom now ,and within us….. The word says in Isaiah 54:17 NO weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.. and every tongue that shall rise up against thee in judgement thou shalt codemn….This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord…..and their righteousness is of Me,saith the Lord…. 1John 4:4 We are of God.little children,and have overcome them:because greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world…… In my prayer time this morning ,i was really led to concentrate on God’s promises and what He says…….and with so much going on now in the world,there is something new all the time and that is what satan uses to keep us distracted and away from God……Today it is Ebola,then it is vacines,then it is doctrinal controversies and on and on it goes and people get caught up in all of this and fear comes in and then the enemy is having a good time because everybodys eyes is on the newest development in the news,,I am not saying not to know what is going on and whatever you are doing in prayer.preparing and what have you,but what I am saying is this:::FEAR is running rampant in this nation…..believers and non believers………Since when do we have to allow fear to take preordinance over what we know to be true in God’s word…. No matter how you look at it,we have read the book,(BIBLE)and we win.hands down……… God cannot lie.If you are one of those that the Spirit has been talking to you about this,please take it before the Lord in prayer….ask the Lord to take it from you…..alll love casts out fear…. The Lord has not given fear,but power,love and a sound mind……Be blessed!!!!!Agape with much love…….. Let it be done Lord according to your word

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  1. Does 2 THESSALONIANS 2:1-12 really show Jesus “gathering us to him” , Rapture in old translation Bible Geneva Bible 1608?
    We dont know day or hour but signs and seasons that antichrist will be revealed
    and Jesus will call us up? We must go through some tribulation but not wrath?
    Thank you, Bette…many blessings, Sherrie

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