Great Tibulation Under way!!!!!!!!!!!!!You were warned!!!!!!! ALERT!!!!!ALERT!!!!!ALERT!!!!ALEET!!!!ALERT!!!!ALERT!!!!ALERT!!! America,oh woe!!!!my heart grieves for I had great plans for you…….. Did you think that when you left me out of things that I would bless you…….Did you think that you could mock me with other gods, keep me out of things I created,remove me from your land and government and think I am not angry All judgements are now underway…..My word does not come back to Me void……… Most of you are not ready and so little time…..I am coming back to claim my bride……Heaven and earth will not pass away until every jot and tittle has been fulfilled…. Seek whom this day you ,will serve…..Is not the heart deceively wicked and who can know it,but Me…… Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you……… Even NOW,the mark is in motion… have seen the plague Ebola as you call it enter your har bors and have allowed the government to give you a false hope,yet you will not turn to Me.I am your true hope and your only hope….. This plague is the begining of many and right now your government is putting into mandentory effect all vaccines and cards to carry to make sure you are under the government…..With this card you will NOT be allowed to buy or sell…..They will go further than using cards as their so called technology rises……BEWARE!!!!!!!! Your schools and shopping malls will not be safe anymore as these will be used to indoctrinate all children and all adults as well…… Many must be ready to flee and leave all of it behind……..I have told you that you can not be a friend of the world and like your comfort and then give me your leftovers….. I am a jealous God and want all of you….It is all or nothing……… The time has cme when you must make a decison,do you stand with Me or against Me… Be ye either hot or cold……. Oh yea America,your glory is coming to an end and your sins is being exposed.. No more will I wink at sin,for I will have vengeance on whom I will have vengeance and I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy……… I set before you life and death,which will you choose?????????

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