Scrolls of Parchment Dream

Scrolls of Parchment Dream I was given this in a night dream………I was taken up into heaven and I was standing in a very large room,(side note) i was in this room befoe,it is like an old fashioned library with books every where piled very high…… When I was there before I was shown many many books on the shelves,including all the books that were left out……At that time,the angel told me that all those books were important and there was a use for all of them…… This time I was in this same room only there was an additional room area and the same angle told me that He was to show me these scrolls….Most of them were in vibrant rainbow colors,just beautiful colors and these scrolls were placed on shelves very high up….. I could only look up ,but this angel ,being so tall just put his hand out ,pulled a scroll from the shelf,and then it just kind of rolled out and out until it was so long,you couldn’t see where it ended….. As the scrolls were open, I saw fancy bold writing in gold,i couldn’t make out the wrting nor what was written,but the angel told me that this was people’s lives here on earth from the time they were born until their lives ended here on earth…..I noticed some dark heavy areas where there was not any writing that I could see and when i asked about this,I was told that these are the different times in peoples lives when they were not walking with the Lord or was in rebellion and it was like a yo yo,going up and down….There were many many scrolls like this laid out and not finished,because people were not finished down here on earth with the assignments they were given….The angel also told me that God had been calling and calling, and warning and warning ,and sending people out with warnings and opportunites to get their lives right ,but they rejected it……And Jesus heart was grieved because so many are not going to make it………. He also gave me a final word!!!!!!God is not happy with the way things are going on earth,He is also not happy with the way the church is today and He will do what He must do to bring man back to God if they will listen and obey….However God is purging the earth to show people of their sin and to reconcile them back to Him,thus the judegements now in motion .

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