God is calling”and A Prayer for Salvation

The Good,The Bad and The Ugly!!!!!!!!!!!! The Good’……..God loved each one of you to go to a cross and pay for yours and mine sins…….Enough to give your mercy and extend grace…… The Bad’………. Many have and will reject the Cross because it is foolishness to some ,but to the righteousness,it is their rock……. The Ugly’………Many have and will suffer the consequences of an eternal hell ,an eternal lake of fire, where there is gnashing of teeth and the wormwood never stops…. Totality……. You have a spiritual decision to make…To spend eternity with the one who can give you life forever,,,,,where you will never face death,or sickness,or starvation,or tears ever,,,,,,ORRRRRR ,you can reject it all and eternally spend time forever ,always remembering your sins,always remembering the opportunities you rejected because you thought you had more time,or you just didn’t believe and ever think God would allow this,but for what ever the reason…..just know this:::: God is speaking to you now and has been for some time…….He is asking you to trust Him.,to turn over everything to Him,even if you are not sure,don’t wait another minute for tomorrow is promised to no one…..and for those who have drifted away,you know that life hasn’t been the same and you heard things going on in the world that make you fear and God is calling you to come back to Him ,come back to your first love,come back to the heart of worship and make a determination to change and allow Him to help you make those changes……Nothing is too big or too small for Him and He will never give you more than you can bare……Just trust Him……Come ,,It isn’t too late…..God loves you or He wouldn’t be calling…. Revelation 3:20 KJV) “Behold,I stand at the door,and knock,if any hear my voice and open the door,I will come into Him,and will sup with him he with Me…..” I am praying for all of you now…….Father ,I appeal to you now,that anyone who needs to get right with you or has rebelled against you will come ……That as you pull on their heart strings,they will have ears to hear for it is NOT your desire for any to perish ,but at the same time you respect their choice…We pray that those that need to hear this will hear and come and make a serious commitment to you and do it now ,especially now in the times we are living in,you will fill us and meet us right where they are…….We thank you for hearing this prayer and we give you the glory and all the honor for extending yet another day of mercy and grace …..amen….

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