Set your thonghts on the things of God,not on the things of this world ,,,Things will always swirl around you,ever changing,you will hear of all kinds of things ,but be of good cheer,for I (God) have overcame the world…… Set your thoughts on higher things.let your thoughts be of good repoire and pure……The things of the world and what is going on in the world and even people cannot save you ….Get hungry for the word ,which became flesh and dwelt amongst us…..Prepare your heart.that is where evertything comes up…….Get your bibles out and read, read, read,,,,tand study so you won’t be deceived…….Spend time with God…It is so easy to get caught iup in what is happening in the world ,the next book,the next source of information and while that might be good to some degree,it is better to get caught up in Him and in His word…….It supercedes everything……..

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