The meetiing of Obama and the Pope  in Septembers  is significent ias it signals the trouble that will encase AmericaThis in turn will bring on the controversy in the body of Christ.deep deep falling away,surprise and anger for getting caught…,secrets revealed now pertaining to these days from when Daniel was told to shut up the book as it was for this time …….The lawless one will be in hot pursuit of all christians and those who follow Jesus…….Many are already in hot debates on rapture,tribulation and so on,which will help this lawless one gather more deception because of the hot debates going many will be caught off and guard and again I am to say ,THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO GO EXACTLY THE WAY PEOPLE THINK……….Gods hand has all but left america……This will in turn ensnare,entrap and ensue those because they were too busy with other things…….5 wise and 5 not so wise…. BUSY>>>>>>>They becamed ensnared in satans yoke instead of the Saviors yoke…….Take heed ,things are going to change after this………

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