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WORD ACKNOWLEDED AND RECEIVED | ToCC/BCC – | | Message BodyToday on Friday ,August 7,2015 while I was shopping in the store ,I felt this sudden like trepidation,something is getting ready to happen.I couldn’t shake this,right as i am doing my shopping and here is what I heard,i am to give this immediately……….. There will be extraordinary controversy in the body of Christ,,,,,,,meaning of extraordinary —–special ,beyond and interesting  this one ,ambassador ,being sent…… Expect the pope to speak a double meaning in September ,2015 ,the President and the Pope will have already made the agreement behind closed doors…  Much secrecy will come out in regard to these things…….America ‘s people will suffer for this ,but it will be too late….. The flies are going to settle… person has them all. Many think things are going to level out,,but no ,you have not seen anything yet………..No not yet………. I was given three words:::::::: 1.ensue—–meaning strive,wonder seek peace,2.ensnare—-meaning to in…3.entrap—–lure,into ccompromise,or act,catch .. Then with such grief,I heard a voice say,,,,,,,,,,,,,separation,grief and despair…….. | | Send |

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