Judgement Will Come To Those That Voted for Their King

   Jan 8 at 9:59 AM Judgement will fall on those who voted in their King(The President) I know this is going to be uncomfortable and some may even be offended,but when God speaks a RHEMA WORD,you pay attention~~~~~~~~ I was getting ready to retire for the night,when I heard a distinct knocking,sound,I thought someone was at my door ,but at that time of night I wasn’t expecting anyone…….. My hearing was very keen and I heard like a rattling and footsteps.but I didn’t hear anything else nor did I see anything,but upon arising this morning,this word came fresh and it is heavy,,,,,,,, I realized the Lord had been here and put in my spirit this very important and urgent message……..Please pray about what comes forth in all times…… This is a year of judgment…..ALL,ALL I say will be judged accordingly for My justice will prevail. Those of you(Christians )that voted your King into Presidency will be counted first in My judgement upon My house….. . HEAR THE RHEMA WORD OF THE LORD. So many of you wanted something different,and you said,”We want “Change”and I heard …You were intoxicated with this man to the point.,he was hailed in as a Savour…..Yes I heard you and I let you have your way…. This is My response:::::You had a King,His name is Jesus Christ,,but that wasn’t good enough,so I gave you a Saul……… Some of you are wallowing in fallow ground……. I am coming soon to destroy the works of darkness….. REPENT

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