Continueation fo Blog Post for January 8,2016

(Judgement Comes To Those Who Voted in Their ) In His service Bette Stevens Amos 3:7-8 Surely the Lord God will do nothing ,but He revealeth His secrets unto His servants the prophets….The lion hath roared,who will not fear?the Lord God hath spoken,who can but prophesy?? Post Script…Many may say this is judgmental or not done in love,on the contrary it is with a loving and a heavy heart that I must write the words that I have been given…….It is better to know now .than when it is too late…..The flames of hell burn hotter and satan’s quest for souls are rising,,and even as we speak,many many souls are going into eternall helll….God has a Remnant,by His comparison to what we may think,it is small…Yet God works in magnificent ways and His desire is to see a Bridegroom without a spot or wrinkle,,It is too,my desire that those who proclaim to know their God will hear and see what we MUST know in this hour,,,,May those that have no understanding or are lost.come to the full realization that God is not mocked,whatever you sow,you reap……May His light shine out and may those of us truly have a loving heart to reach out because this world is in darkness and though these things must must God’s light shining more brighter now than ever so those that we come in contact with will have hope,,,,,,,And the only hope we all have is through Jesus Christ……May God help and protect us through these coming days for what is coming,,,,And to all of this,please,please know that He loves us all very much and His heart is more grieved than mine…..

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