Word From the Lord—–January 13,2016

Judgement comes more intensely than previously……The house of God will be judged first and those that voted for their King….Three visitations from the Lord and three Rhema words from the Lord…..You can view the first two on Z3 News and the third one is coming…….All those that scoff and mock the prophets and messengers that God sends judgement will fall quickly……This is the year of much chaos wars and famine,as was described in the bible,no longer will people pretend under false pretenses that everything is ok,hell will enlarge itself as it and the afterlife will be made more real this year than ever before…….God is not mocked,whatever you sow,that will you reap………The NEW assignments are already in progress for some that I talked about earlier…..Stay tuned in to what God is saying……Some will come and try to destroy you and get you distracted in the guise of a spiritual nature that will seem right,but is not……SHARPEN your discernment for the devil comes disguised as a Christian(your loved one,someone in your church that you thought was your brother or sister),Note,not all that say they are your brother or sister in Christ, actually are not…….The valley of decision will become the valley of death for many……. TRUTH will prevail in this time as the devil seeks to destroy all that is good…..Those things that you hold dear.let them go…there are going to be  things that the Lord asks you to lay aside……Will you be obedient?????Much persecution will rise up this year in America and the cry will be”.Where is God in all this?, and the reality will be that He knows what is going on ,but at the same time Prophecy revelation will continue to be fulfilled ……..A new desperation will be felt ,as the reality,of  what is happening,what has been warned about rises up…..NOW THE OTHER SIDE.::::::A determination to find the truth will lead many to Christ as we prepare for the Kingdom church.as we seek out Kingdom principles ,making Kingdom business,our priority……Many false flags will arise under the guise of fear the people, and many will surrender all to these false flags,,,,,,Fear will dominate many……However ,the truth will win out,but one false flag after another will arise to not only bring in confusion,but to  throw God out of the universe if it were possible and is not ,inthe form of chem trails,annililating humans and cern…….Cern has already been unlocked and because of their (people)thirst to find out what is on the other side,God lifted his hand off and what they will see will not be pleasant.no not at all….Because of this we will see Rev9:11-16 and it  will come quickly……Again I must say the days of the shortening for the elect sakes,is passing swiftly and God has accerlated time.Time is closing and because of all this ,we must stay anchored into the word and STUDY,go beyond to get the FULL measure…….SELAH!!!!!!!!Don’t allow another day to go by without self examing daily…..It could be your last …Let no argument or debate arise between you.No agree to disagree for the Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force,,,,,therefore,let your yay be yay and your nay be nay……..

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