Prophetic Release & Dream on December 18, 2012

Prophetic Release & Dream on December 18, 2012 to Sister Bette L. Stevens & Victorious Vision Ministries, International: “Early in the morning, I was not sure if was an occasion of Spiritual Translation OR a DREAM! •. I was just there in a place with a long path that rose up higher and higher the longer that you walked up it. I was standing there at the bottom of the path. I could not see on either side. I then heard a voice that was DEEP, saying to me: “Come up!” Immediately I was happy and started to walk up the path. (SIDE NOTE: This is usually the way The LORD calls to me whenever I was taken up to The Throne Room!) So, I did not hesitate and immediately was happy because The Lord was calling me! As I walked this path, I started climbing; and I stopped and looked around. The .• VOICE said again around the silence: “Prophetess come up hither! This is your Lord.” I then started on but in my spirit I was receiving a message that something was not right! I went over to look at the side of this path (hill), I had to really look •• intently and could not see anything. The voice said a third time: “Come up hither” As I started up to move and continued the voice of The Spirit kept telling me: “STOP!” I immediately stopped and •• looked around. I had an urge to look over the side, as I did this, I saw that there was nothiing there! I would have went right over the edge! What God revealed to me was: .• IF I had NOT chosen to listen to that voice in my spirit, I would have gone over the edge into nothingness: and The Ministry would have been lost! This was a test from The Lord, allowing satan his time to see if I really would serve God and really listen to God to test my heart for truth! It is very interesting •• that this TEST came just THREE DAYS before The Winter Soltice! satan tried to trick me because he knew that, whenThe Lord has called to me that I was very familiar with The LORD saying to me: “Come up hither!” •• I had passed THE TEST and The LORD said: “Explain this now to My People, for this is what I require of them also!”

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