“JULY 26,2012 PROPHECY FOR AMERICA!’ by: PastorlProphetess Bette Stevens Transcribed by: Apostle Patrick A. Kirk “And so USA, you have turned away from Me,” says The Lord: “you have hardened your hearts, you have spoken with lies upon your lips; upon evil hearts; upon deaf ears; and NO longer hear My Spirit! I speak to The Churches because you have left Me out, says The Lord! You deny Me, because you deny all of what is happening around you! Oh, yes, you are told to watch; but you look at the world. You watch for the next thing coming: the next event! Oh, yes, you are told to pray; but, you pray for everything else! You do not humble yourself only for Me to bless you! Yet, why is it always ALL about you?! “Oh, yes, you are asked to be ready; but, are you REALLY? ! You tell people that you are ready; but, do you really follow through on what you have said?! Oh, . yes, I see what goes on: onto the next party; the next meeting; the next plan: but do . you include Me?!”, says The Lord. “I am a jealous God; and yet there are so many idols out there! Hear Me,” says The Lord; “hear Me well! I am NOT the God of vain glory: I am NOT the God of idleness: I am NOT the God of lawlessness: I am NOT the God Who sheds innocent blood: I am NOT the God of APOSTASY!!! I AM not THE God of foolishness! Yet, you, Oh America, think that I will endorse your hurt and cruelty! I will NOT, says The Lord!” “Do you, Oh Church, think that I am just an old Friend, that you put on like an old shoe; and then taken off, when you do not want Me?! Do you think that My Word is just a bunch of nonsense?! Look at My Word; and then throw it in a comer to gather dust or even toss it away completely?! Do you, Oh Church, think that I , The Lord, do not know when you rise up in fear?! “You do not come against My Present Day Prophets, you are now coming against Me!” “1 tell you the truth, says The Lord, not one jot nor one tittle will pass from My Word- From My Holy Book!”

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