“PROPHETIC WARNING ON JUNE 05,2012” by: Prophetess/Pastor Bette Stevens Transcribed by: Apostle Patrick A. Kirk: “servant TO THE SERVANTS”: “Hear Me, ” says The Lord. “I will not be mocked. So many of you are still not hearing My Voice! You have ears to hear; but you do NOT hear what The Spirit is saying. You have eyes; but you do not focus on what The Spirit sees! You have a mouth; but, you do not utter the profound wisdom; but, yet, you live under idleness, idolatry, vain glory, and more! ” “What should I say to all of this,” says The Lord. “You only want what I have to offer: a blessing; a word; help in time of need ! Your flesh is always arising; but, you are weak in your spirit, for again, I say, if you knew these signs of the times now, you would know that My Word is being fulfilled! Check to be sure that you will be found worthy when the time comes, as it will be shortly! Enter into The Ark Of Safety! THIS is the LAST CALL. When the door closes, it will be too late! TOO LATE!!! ” “Examine all of your own motives! Will you be found WORTHY?! RIGHT NOW?! Who dares to command Me,” says The Lord, “I have sent The Prophets to make ready My Soon Return! I am a God Of Purification and Holiness, for My Return is IMMINENT! !!” “Hear Me,” says The Lord, “for when they say” peace and safety” – sudden destruction will come upon them! Time is closing. Come into The Ark! I will protect you! REPENT – and all will go well with you! REPENT EVERY DAY!!! SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH ME!!!” “Know that 1 love you, My sons and daughters: know that I care; but, 1 will NOT tolerate SIN! 1 will NOT look the other way! lAM HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS!!! The RELATIONSHIP with Me is two-fold! Make Me your Partner in EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO, AS THE BRIDE AND BRIDEGROOM COME TOGETHER!!!” “I stand at the door and knock, awaiting your invitation! Some of you have spotted garments. You were once in a relationship with Me! You value relationships. You used to pray for your loved ones, faithfully! You would stand as only a parent could with tears, steaming down your face. ‘Oh, Johnny, my boy, oh, Tom, my son. Come home: where are you? 1 know you can bring him back safely, Lord!’ One Parent with a daughter, who is ready to be married. ‘Oh, Lord, take care of her, as she steps out to build a home and have a Family! Let her new husband cherish her, just as you love and cherish me, Lord!’ “And, then there was the time that there came a break in your marriage; and, oh, how you cried; and I saw your tears, as you brokenly cried out to Me,” say The Lord. “I took you in My Arms and lovingly told you that we would get through this together! THEN, there was the clergyman that gave into sin; but, he knew that he had done wrong; and with remorse, he prayed to be forgiven and YES, 1 forgave him immediately because 1 loved him; and 1 wanted him to succeed. 1 gave him many opportunities; and he would seek Me FIRST; and, when he called then 1 would listen, ” says The Lord! These are just several of the times when people were in trouble or having a difficult time; yet, 1 was there always! The tears you shed, 1 have kept and when you were happy, 1 rejoiced with you! 1 was always happy to be in your life. There was never a time when you could not call on My Son- (Yeshua); and 1 would answer because your heart was right with Me; and, you were so contrite and humbled.” r ,   Page 2. Continuation of “PROPHETIC WARNING ON JUNE 05,2012” By: ProphetesslPastor Bette Stevens Transcribed by: Apostle Patrick A. Kirk : “servant TO THE SERVANTS” ” But, as the years have gone by the people have forgotten Me; I have heard them say that they have no need for Me,” says The Lord, “better yet, ‘Don’t return because I am not ready yet!’ “Yet, those same ones that used to pray, NO longer do! They say, c There are more better things to do; and we’re doing alright!’ “Yet, there was a time when many of you would have been repulsed or at the very least upset that My Name was abused that I did not make all of Creation, that, even My Word is of NO effect; and that My Name should be taken out of the American Life and Nation- and that a new Battle Hymn of The Republic will be written that ALL prayer and anything such as The Cross should be abandoned; covered up; that what is RIGHT is NOW ‘WRONG’: and what is WRONG is NOW RIGHT-that even the shedding of the innocent blood is alright! It is very clear, – GET RID of anything that is by My Standard GOOD, and get RID of Me, ” says The Lord. “And, lastly, My Church, My People: MY QUESTION to you is this,” says The Lord, “Would you stand up and contend for the Faith, or would you be silent, even, if it meant a soul may go Hell?! Would you speak out against sin and false doctrines OR would you mumble and keep silent, saying: ‘It’s best not to say anything that might offend!’ “What if it OFFENDS Me,” says The Lord?! “Would you count more on the government for provisions OR look to Me as your True SOURCE OF PROVISION AND HOPE?! Has this world beckoned you into its snare of sin and deceit; of lust and of corruption; of mammon and greed?! Have your hearts been so hardened that you do not even care that people are perishing?!” “Be careful, ” says The Lord, “that I find you WORTHY to escape these things, which are in process and coming shortly! Do not put yourself up on such a high plateau that you think that you have arrived.” “Be careful,” says The Lord, “for I am not tolerating sin! You have NO excuses now! REPENT! REPENT, for I am coming QUICKLY, ” says The Lord! “I AM THAT I AM’!!! .

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