March 02,2012 From: Prophetess Bette Stevens “SAYS THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD!” ‘My People– You do not understand My Ways or My Desires, for they are not your own. I have always been. I am The Word: I am The Alpha and The Omega. I am the Great Three In One- both in spirit and in mankind. Even man can only move; breathe and have their being in Me, for I have likened MAN into My Own Image! I am the only true God. There can be no other, for I created the heavens and the earth. I created all things. I arose from the dead; and I overcame this world. I left My Signature inside of each of you so that you would know without a doubt that I and ONLY I created! I can begin and end all things by My Holy Power in Heaven; in the Earth; and in Hell as I see fit! I am all the things that were written about Me and much more. I breathed life; and I can reclaim it. The Angels and the demons fear Me, for they truly know Who I am! Give Me your total devotion and your whole being reserved unto Me, whether you are single or married, for you are not alone (whether you are asleep or awake)! I am in everything of which you allow Me be a part. Remember-you will answer to Me individually, so fully come to Me while you can. I look down at the world and see only SIN! Is there no one that will be totally devoted to Me? So many are trying to figure Me out and they cannot. So many persons are even trying to figure out when I will return – saying: “Should we do this?” OR “Should we do that?” They are so busy that they do not know the time they are in! Mostly everyone will go on and not find Me! The answer to this is they did not prepare. I have given you all the signs! Are you truly watching? My Prophets have warned them! I tell My Prophets before I move! Do you think that the things that are taking place will change and alter the course of My Word? My Word does not change nor deviate and My Word never comes back void! My Word is doing everything that I said it would do! Many people are so busy that they cannot prepare for the Endtimes that are coming! Do they not hear My Voice? Do they not know the lateness of this present hour?! Do they not know that I am at the door?! My Time is not like time in this present world. My Time is accelerating! I have given those that truly listen a holy sense of URGENCY! Hear ye The LORD and make ready! Some have made provisions and preparations; but, I will let them go on saying: ”No, it’s not now. It can’t be this soon. The Lord would never do it this way. Everything will be fine.” The Leaders in the Churches will say: ”No, that’s not right, we are all close, but many more things have to happen. We will just keep praying.” Some will say: “If you do not hear the trumpet, then we’re OK.”

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