PROPHETIC REVELAlON FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT TO PROPHETESS BETTE STEVENS ON JANUARY 12, 2012 Transcribed by: Apostle Patrick Kirk A CATASTROPHE is coming in this year People everywhere, crying and screaming. Confusion is everywhere. The sound from the people coming forth is – “I didn’t dream it would be like this! Help! Someone please help us! There was no warning! God is to blame for this, say the cries of the people. America can never be like this. Do something. Yet, the cries go unheard. Is it too late? Has God forsaken us?” This is God’s answer as HE gave it to me. Please listen very carefully for His Answer is powerful and the Sword Will cut the sheep and the goats. HE is GOD and there is NO OTHER! “I am God and there is no other …! I was before time, and soon time will be no more! I created man in My Image and was pleased. Out of him, I created woman; and from there all _ , ‘I:””;;~ . ..’ created ‘v!p:~good. Ilwas no L long after that the first sign of temptation came. It is called SIN. Although the woman was tempted by satan, who in turn tempted MAN, sin is still sin! What followed is exactly what is happening today. People are not happy where they are and give in to every whim. Few people have not done it and I know your heart, says The Lord. Moreover, you have had many opportunities to repent. Have I not said to seek Me; and you will find Me; knock and it will be opened to you. I do not push you away: you PUSH ME away. You ask how you do that? In words and in deeds! Did it not happen when I told Noah to build the Ark? It was easier to make fun and to mock than to obey! The ENDING had come! I sent many, many warnings, through both the Apostles and Prophets then even as I do now!Yet so many do not heed these warnings! We have been so thoroughly caught up in our own agendas; in our own thoughts; and in our own doings that we forgot that there is GOD (and only One) Who loves you very much, yet you would harden your heart against Me! And now that brings us to My Son Who was sacrificed on the cross and Who went through all points to keep you out of hell- to be the perfect blood sacrifice- the Son with Whom I am so pleased with. Yet, many reject Him or even worse are offended because of Him! To this day in the New Testament, SIN continues to increase! It is easier to give into the flesh than to be uncomfortable. It is easier to fit in than to be a misfit. Easier to pretend we do not like to hear anything that is not good. Easier to shut our eyes and ears and hope it will go away. You see I (The Lord) tell you many times: I know your heart and who can know it except Me! Not even the Apostles nor the Prophets; nor he teachers; but I know it and it is deciscively WICKED! So this is what I say Says The Lord: “There will be mockers; lovers of themselves; false teachers; deceivers; haing a form of godliness, but denying the pow[thereof You have taken Me out of your Nation! You have-rejected Me! Spit upon Me! You have said it is OK to sin. You go to Church on two days of the week and call       Yourself a Christian. And you tell each other God won’t mind! You make your Church a place to sell your goods: you RAP and dance like the world and you call a “New Christianity!” 1 want pure, unblemished worship. You go to your social hour on Sunday and call it Church and eat and talk and gossip and appease yourself; and say “I made it” and took time out to worship The Lord. You run here and there to every Ministry nonstop and call it “for the Kingdom of God.” Many of you never take time to come to Me quickly and to lisen to what 1 have to say and then you say you want a word from The LORD; BUT YOU ARE BUSY ALL THE TIME INTO YOUR GAMES ! You go to your jobs; you go to your families; your party and you have a good time: but there is no place for Me. Yet you make time for all of the worldly things! Now in this hour it is time for my people to come out and not falter back. 1 am opening new doors.Will you go through? This is a new year; a new season and a new mindset! Get ready and go with Me.   PROPHETIC REVELATION FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT TO PROPHETESS BEfTE STEPHENS ON JANUARY 12, 2012 Transcribed by: Apostle Patrick Kirk   Even when I give you signs, you still do not believe. For those that have heard the call, come forward, for those that are not sure, I will pass by. I look for those with a sure swift foot to move forward. I send My prophets, even today to confirm and still I find dryness amongst you! If you want to be of Me then follow the course I have set for you. If you know where you are going, don’t let anyone undermind! The enemy would like to keep you down and out; but those that stay the course, will I have come and sup with Me! There are assignments coming both individually and corporately! Watch for them! I have confirmed these things with the blowing of the shofar! In the Body of Christ and around you there is jealousy; fear; doubt; and unbelief! Do you not believe that I will do and perform what I say? REPENT NOW! REPENT FOR I AM COMING QUICKLY! Do not fall into the tactics of the enemy with fear; doubt; and unbelief! Lift each other up; in their faults. Love one another as I love you! Do good and obey- for the time is coming quickly that I will take hand away from this Nation (America)! The Apostle and prophets must now arise! Now, time is of the essence! I am moving swiftly! You know what happened to the prophets when the people did not listen. It is the same today. People have changed it-not I , therefore, I have no recourse but to bring My judgment and it has begun! I punish sin, nor am I tolerant of sin! I cannot look the other way! Your choices here on earth, with what time is left, will determine your future! REPENT CHILDREN OF GOD! REPENT! DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO! OBEY! SELAH!   ••••  

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