Seduction of America

Seduction of America On August 13,2014 I was given a very specific dream ,very detailed and in this dream I was taken back to I believe 1930’s or early 1940’s……. I do not know the name of the town,it was very quaint,just a run of the mill small but bustlling town…..It seemed people were always busy……. I was watching,I wasn’t participating,just in the dream and the town looked so ordinary and children coming home from school,adults walking or on bicycles riding down the sidewalks…. I believe there was a train station nearby also……….I heard the whistle blowing…… People were driving very old cars to get where ever they needed to go……… And it was so peaceful……………. And then it changed…….This time i was in a very similar town and utter chaos was all around,,,,, People were running and shouting for their children,and the children were trying to hang onto their pets that were running around……I Heard the sound of a train whistle blowing and heard alot of commotion in the background and suddenly armed men where getting out of trucks that looked like tanks,they were completely in military gear,they were definitely foreign men,almost dressed as army military here in the US…… These people had no smile ,were not nice and when they began to talk,they had no compassion.the people were told to get in their homes and get what they needed and they only had a certain amount of time,and I heard one say that if the person didn’t come out in that time,they would be shot on the spot……. People were being given orders on paper,if you were a Jew or if you were a christian ,once you were taken in,they assigned you certain clothes for distinction….everything you had or thought you had was taken from you……Your total dependence was on them……I saw them go into homes ,businessess and ramsack and just tear apart,set a fire, the homes after they were done…A train had come into the station and was ready to take people aboard,,,,,, Most of them were taken to camps to be assigned a job……you were assinged one set of clothes and your head was shaved……..then you were given a job assignment and you must be fit to do the job…..i saw many fall down and become sick,,,the jobs were hard and with very little food and water,they had very little strength……. At this point I woke up and got a drink of water,,but the urgency seemed to be for me to go back to sleep and as I closed my eyes ,the dream continued……. I watched as people were being hustled like cattle to the room.a large number were assigned one big room……. The people cried because they were scared,they were hungry and thirsty and I saw some of these people just didn’t wake up….Illnessess came upon them and they just let the person lie there… Then i heard a bell and someone came in and said pack up,we will be deciding who stays and who goes now……..Get yourselves in order so the big man can look you over and no talking….. Then i saw people lines up ,just line after line, and the big man and another man would come down row after row of people and he would push someone out of the line and they were put on the other side…..Everyone was separated from their families……….. Say goodbye and then these people were whisked away and then I woke up again,deeply disturbed and when I tried to go back to sleep,the Spirit began to reveal to me about this dream……. The Holy Spirit told me that this was a holocaust …….like back in Hitlers time where there was shown no mercy and no one was safe especially Jews……..Just like today,everything was peaceful and everyone going about their own business and then suddenly all chaos broke loose………. He said this time it is going to be much worse,,…..and many people haven’t an idea of what is going to break loose soon. I have sent warnings to get prepared to get into the ark where there is rest.and safety…….Things are about ready to unfold such as the likes of which have never beenc seen…. My final words to this generation is seek Me,while I can be found,for the time is soon to come when that door will be shut forever…..Many are falling for the wiles of the enemy,in that they think these will not come,but I tell you now ,that day is almost upon you …All must be fullfilled now….Empty yourselves of the world,so you can see and hear Me…….Many people’s destinies are hanging in the balance…….People have blamed Me for all the autocities that have taken place here and around the world…..But it is the enemy that is doing this evil..I take no pleasure in what is taking place…..nor do i take pleasure in a nation that has turned its back on Me, and then expects Me to bless over it……..Pray that YOU are found worthy to escape the things which are coming upon the earth…….Selah!!!!!!!

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