The letter dropped from heaven

                                               T he Letter Dropped From Heaven                                                         The Ancient ScrollI want to first give some background about this message I am to give from the Lord……..I have been contemplating this letter for awhile…….It was in the nighttime and I saw a letter drop from heaven in front of me.For some reason,I was so shaken over it,that I didn’t pick it up.I felt that whatever was inside of that letter,was so powerful that it would change and seal the fate of this nation…..(USA)  I literally walked away and that was the end…… Fast forwarding to now,I have had another chance to pick up the sealed envelpe ,but when I did, it dissoived in front of me and become an ancient scroll……and it came apart and began unrolling and unrolling,,until it rolled like into a cloud burst….and all was still…..all was still…Then a hand from up above came through, .it was like a cloud or a mist of clouds ,the hand pulled up part of the scroll and then a voice said:: I am Yawheh,the first and the last,Yeshua is My Son,My only Son who has paid the price for the sins of mankind from the garden to the Miliennial Kingdom soon to come…And then His hand became a fire,and the fire burned the edges of the scroll,With a loud roar,He said,I am a consuming fire,from My loins up,to My loins down.Do you know what is in this scroll and why I have sent it?????I did not know and I said.Sir,I do not know…..This is the Scroll of the ancient of days .from the begining to the end……I have known what would take place and it is all written in here…….Of course it was written in a language I did not understand,but Yawheh translated it or whatever He wanted me to know…..It was very impressed upon me that I was standing on Holy ground somewhere in heaven and I was in front of royalty ,even though I could not see Him……Here are the exact words and what He wants known to the people. For many,these are the days described for you from many of the books of the bible……..As i have said,there would be much knowledge going to and fro in these days……That is to be expected,but even so,not all will be as you may think,for My ways do not go in agreement with man’s,therefore many things will come about ,but not at the hand of man,nor from prophecy as you can only do so in part……..I have fixed it that way as your infinite mind would not be able to comprehend and yet do not understand the other side,but you will,yes you will,for you walk with Me or not……PAY CLOSE ATTENTION::::YOU WILL GO BEYOND THE VEIL:::::::: Many  mysteries are being revealed ,secrets that werehidden are not being uncovered for this time…….PAY CLOSE ATTENTION:::::::THE SEVEN THUNDERS WILL UTTER AGAIN I then saw the ligtening and thunder several times and heard it,I can’t really describe the sound,the thunder certainly doesn’t sound like thunder where we all are……I did note the mention of thunder is mentioned in several verses of the bible….I saw fire light up the whole scroll and burn it up,then in flaming letters,it said,your  nation,AMERICA,AND ALL THE NATIONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN SEALED WITH THEIR FATE…iT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!My anger burns and I will be the one to anilliate those who have mocked  Me,but you have not just mocked Me,but the Holy Spirit……..LEADERS WILL COME DOWN.POLITICIANS WILL COME DOWN.CHURCHES WILL COME DOWN.THE POWER OF WEALTH WILL COME DOWN,ALL WHO OPPOSE ME WILL COME DOWN AND MY REVENGE WILL CLEANSE THIS EARTH……..THE TIME IS ABOUT TO BEGIN…THE SEVEN THUNDERS WILL UTTER THINGS THAT JOHN COULD NOT SAY AT THE TIME…..YOU WILL KNOW…….I HAVE BEEN SPEAKING TO MY PEOPLE TO LISTEN AS I BEGIN TO GIVE THOSE THINGS UNDERSTANDING…….YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND THE DISASTERS THAT ARE COMING ,NOT JUST FROM MY WRATH ONLY,WHO WILL STAND IN THIS HOUR TO THE END.???????WHO        WILL       STAND????? And then all was silent and the hand was with drawn and in front of Me stood Jesus9Yeshua)with a white beard and pure white hair……To look upon Him with so much love,but a finalty in His eyes and arrayed in brilliant colors and the fires ignited once again and He said,when you have seen Me,you have seen My Father…..Go ye back to the people of the nations,to the government, to the news media and tell them what you have heard and seen,and tell themIT IS FINISHED !!!!!!!!i awoke and have kept this to myself so to get my thoughts for a while together……To  make sure tha I write everything down that I saw and heard……Scriptures that were given to Me…..Rev 1:14-15  His head and His hairs were white like wool,as white as snow:and His eyes were as a flame of fire:And His feet like unto fire brass ,as if they burned in a furnance and His voice as the sound of many waters……And He had in His right hand seven stars,and out of His mouth  went a sharp two -edged sword:and His countenance was as the sun shineth in His strength….(  this is exactly what I was shown the first time back in 2010,in fact I have a picture of it on the back of my book)Exodus 19:16  And in came to pass on the third day in the morning,that there were “thunders and lightenings” and a thick cloud upon the mount,and the voice of the trumpet exceedking loud:so that all the people that was in the camp trembled..Matt 24:27-28  For as the lightening cometh out of the east,and shineth even unto the west:so shall also the coming of the Son of man be..For whatsoever the carcase is,there will the eagles be gathered togethered…There is more in regards to the things coming,but I will hold that off for another day……….My thoughts :::The meaning of going beyond the veil is ,when Jesus (Yeshuah) the veil was ripped in two,but now there is more that God wants His people to see and be ready for…..To go beyond everything you have ever been taught because there is so much more that we have only just scratched the surface…The Lord is wanting us to soar higher like eagles and not to be afraid of the unknown,,,it is available to all that pursue it and want it…….There is a supernatual life we can live and this is how it will be in the coming days,but if you are not wiling to hear and do what should be done here now,how will you know and do of heavenly things…..Let them that have ears to hear,hear now,must hear what the Spirit is saying…..This is the essence of being transported.of seeing heavenly things ,of being taken and brought back ,even out of our bodies…….This is what the Lord has for all of us…….  It is finished is just that….God is no longer waiting……..That ancient scroll sealed the fate of our nation ,America and all the nations of the world ,and many leaders……….His anger was demonstrated by the roaring,the lightning,thunder and fire……..For many of you.who are still straggling,struggling,thinking this is just some kind of sick joke,I assure you ,IT IS NOT……The Lord is on His time clock,not ours….please re evaluate your standing with God,the time for the parting of ways is very near.For those of you who know their God,examine yourself,check daily .that you are where God wants you to be.especially for those that  really want to go beyond the veil…….and lastly,None of us have seen nothing yet……… be praying alot.In His ServiceProphetess Bette StevensVictorious Vision Ministries International |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Victorious Vision Ministries InternationalPartner With VVMIGIVE Plant a seed in our ministry 2 Corinthians 9:7. 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