War Saints—–Spiritual Darkness Has Already Begun

                                                         October 18,2015                     War Saints,The  Spiritual Darkness/Blindness Has Already Begun WOW——WOW—–Lightening—Fire—-The war for your soul is waging and the enemy is in hot pursuit……The smell of blood runs deep in these demons and they know it will not always be easy to get it,but they do not give up,because the blood of many christians around the world have been shed and lke a deranged dog,the scent for blood grows stronger….. The enemy has already snared many believers into evil thoughts,evil ways and there is a MIGHTY BLOCKING SPIRIT keeping the people from hearing the voice of God. The enemy is already in your camp and will pick off as many as he can,becaus though he knows his time is short,he knows well how to get the people to do his bidding and the are not even aware because he has silenced them,,,he keeps them busy running and searching here and there,he sends one demon into the camp and then it dsrupts the whole camp….. The enemy keeps many asleep,feeling just right and oh so comfortable  in their own little world,only to find out later ,he has destroyed them,in finances,in church,in silence,in business,in beening overly busy(keeping less time for the Lord)in gossip and assumptins(baring false witness)…….These are just,but a few things going on in the camps of the saints…. The darkness prevading this earth,that has fallen,will devour many in its wake,,,,,, O,Saints, the time is now to dedicate your life to the Lord,to determine once and for all ,in your hearts and minds,that you will serve the Lord and will follow Him ALL the days of your life,even if it means to give a life…..O Father,come into the hearts of those that are truly seeking you……Forgive us Father for all generation of sins,of our fore Fathers that we may have a clean and contrite heart to stand before you.that you will for give ALL our trespasses and give us a new and better way….. That we may serve you all the days of our lives,that we will never be ashamed of you or speaking out truth,before others.. Father ,we thank you for what you have done ,and for who you are ,and that all the glory belongs to you,now and forver.Amen and Amen….. Humbled by just knowing Him…..Prophetess Bette Stevens

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