This Simple Prayer

                                           Wailing and Travail,but Joy Cometh In the Morning                                            Penned At 5:00 AM .October 15,2015                                            This Simple Prayer                                                                O,Lord,renew in us a clean heart ,O. God                       My spirit is so grieved and I wail and moan for the desolate land,                       for the conditioned hardness of the hearts of men,and of women,                        for the silence and looking away in the churches,that line the                          streets of the cities..                           What do you see,O .God,when you look down upon earth?                          What do you think of what you have created and whom you have                            loved even before the foundation of the world?                                                      O,Lord,God,whom has created the heavens and the earth,forgive us                           for all our trespasses now,for allowing the world to take us away from you,                           for thinking more of ourselves than we ought and so many things Lord.                             Let us bare one another’s burdens as we ought.                            Let our compassion and love ,draw us near to one another.                            Let not our light go out ,just when the light that comes from You,                             is needed amidst a dying world..                                                     Show us Lord,be a beacon of light ,and use us to bring glory to your name.                            Don’t forget us Lord,please remember your people that are crying out to you,                           Remember us ,O,Lord.                           And lay not this charge before them……….                          In Jesus mighty name,let it be so ….Amen and Amen                          Psalms30:4-5    Sing unto the Lord,O ye saints of His,and give thanks at the rememberance of His  holiness..                                                         For His anger endureth but a moment:in His favor is life weepingmay endure for a night,but joy cometh in the morning..

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