The vision of October 2015 correlating with the word given before on a holy Unholy Abomination = Retribution is Coming

                            The Vision Going Along with the Word I received toward the End of September The Word was titled “A Holy Convocation,An Unholy Abomination=Retribution Will Come……If you missed it,please go to the website and it will be under the blogs………..This vision was given on October 1.2015 as an interpretation to this word I received toward the end of September.This vision could be titled one of many things,but I heard,Battalion,War,EMP,River of Blood,Church upheaval,False Rapture..The way this vision came about was this:My husband and I have been sensing the darkness(spiritually )in most of September and it did not manifest itself until October 1st…..Prior to that I have many comment on my quietness of late,and I have not said much because I am watching the signs come forth.although I did not sense that alot of the things spoken about for September all came to pass.I did watch and listen to the message of the Pope and the Lord had already made me aware of an underlying meaning to his message that if you didnt listen carefully ,you would miss.As I watched the Pope and the President come together,I heard these words:The abomination of desolation……Secret meetings being done,secret rituals having already taken place…….Many American citizens will be slaughtered and the river of blood will flow,just as many in Israel will be slaughtered ………Many will come to realize from My word ,that if   I,the Lord ,did NOT intercede ,than ALL OF MANKIND WOULD BE WIPED OUT………..This all  came in September……Then on October1st,as my husband and I were getting ready to go to bed,a darkness ,like I have never seen,fell in every room of our house,it was like tar,it was so cloudy and dark,and as I looked around I could hardly see,but I got up and yelled to my husband,”I know what this is,(I was seeing the spritual darkness fall upon the earth and we had to do spirtual warfare ,and I mean some serious warfare to the extent that I enlisted others to pray as even some of them was under spritual attack.It came strong in my spirit of curse words being spoken,warnings to armor up and so forth…….This was going to be the begining of something we had never encountered in America…….As I went to sleep ,I heard a loud shot go off,it was loud ,but it was no shot,it was an EMP attack and we were being fired upon……They came out of nowhere,many people did not have a chance to engage in the warfare,it came so fast,and then I was taken above the USA and i saw devistation like never before,It was a war zone,blood soaked bodies of men,women and children lying in the streets,buildings blown away,by then there was NO electricity ,the water was red ,(NOTE:the water in some places ,in months earlier where some had seen blood red water)and food was also contaminated,very little source,,,so many ghost like towns,and evil throughout ,like it had no end……..Then ,I moved and next I saw Battalions,ready for brigades ,if you will,some were dressed like knights,it was like the battles and wars of long ago,history repeating itself all over again…..I then saw a man’s face ,that of Valdimer Putin,smiling ,but with a calm and determined look,that of a cheshire cat,who planned his moves wisely,his strategies with skill…..I then saw buildings with forclosure signs,torn out windows,chain locked doors and signs that read:”Keep Out” I knew these had once been church buildings..I then saw skies opening,but the color and the noise was so loud and then a man appeared with other men and in startling colored robes .and smiling people just gazed upward and were drawn ,almost like magnets and I heard ,its not him,its not him,its a fake,,,,but people were oblivious to the cries in their zeal to make what they thought was the real Rapture,but it was actually a false one….and some people were trampled on and killed,some pushed and thrown to one side…..This then was the false rapture…………..This vision moved quickly……and then it was over………Interpretation:In conjunction with the word given,warnings have come for a long time,from the word,the prophets,dreams and visions,in the Spirit,even spectators have their theories,yet not then or now does anyone really listen.I have commanded you all to be Holy as I am Holy and to live as I have lived,,,,Can this be done?Yes ,as you anchor yourselves in my word,as you set aside a day and everyday time alone with me,as you set aside time to pray and fast,and be determined in your mind to do this…..I have yet to see any of this,only in small groups…….I am God and I will not be mocked.There is a time now when all is at hand and must be fullfilled.There is a time now when those that are holy will be holy,those that are unrigheous will stay unrighteous…..Let your decision be made……I have already came down from heaven and saw the truth as to what has taken place on earth…..No longer shall I give my protection and hand on a nation and nations that rise against me in evil……..No longer will I call you blessed…..Your abominations far exceed the limits of tempting me……My Retribution will equal judgment such as the world has never seen nor will ever see again…..Know now that just as darkness has fallen over this land,so shall my judgments come forth and your lives will not be the same..What this daughter has seen is only the begining………A Balance of Key Points Made by the Spirit in my Spirit……….1.God will never leave you nor forsake you if you are truly a born again believer…2.This is a heads up to start spending ample ,serious time for the times ahead…….3.Doing a self exam check and confessing and talking to the Lord daily is a must.4.Using your spiritual armor and warfare….Much power is lacking in the churches today because nothing is taught about this and christians leave themselves wide open to spiritual attacks .some to which they are not aware……….5.I leave this open,but as a body of believers,we need to be discipling,going out to  the unloveable ,those that need to know,all of us want to go home(heaven),but again ,the Lord is asking of us to occupy and do these things,and remember where we came from or how did we hear about Jesus,so do other need a chance to hear……6.God is going to purify His church and put it back to its orginal order….. Blessings,a humble servantBette Stevenswww.vvmint.orgl I will be going into a little more detail in pertaining to things in this word and vision.Please find us on our yutube channel at js705 and look for deepcallsuntodeep

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