HEALING AND PRAISE TESTIMONY TIME::::: Encouraging word for those that are dealing with back and spine pain issues or disease…….Mine came out of nowhere,,,IT was a spiritual attack,,,,,Let me explain……… I was diagnosed with a degenerative disease of the spine.,years ago I was told as I got older I would be in a wheel chair,,have lots of trouble kiddo is what one doctor told me,,,,,,,,I have had neither to this day…………. I had not had any problems ,then out of the blue a couple weeks ago,i was sitting at my desk and I had severe pain hit me in the back of my head and I had severe dizziness…..This is what has been happening the last couple of weeks…,then I heard a word about healing of the back and necks in people and I said I receive it, and there was a word given about Baal spirit…..Then my husband got a word about the Baal spirit and so we started deliverance on my back the other day and pain is almost gone…… Don’t ever let it be said that God is not in the healing business of miracles.. The Lord also made it clear to me that there are angels to minister healing,but the people don’t ask for the angels to heal ……God is working through others to bring healing and so forth…..Supernatural manifestations of God……. By the way,Baal is a ruler over demons spirits,in rank,he is in high rank in satans army…….. I give all glory to God when I say all of this,,,I was healed of thyroid cancer 30 years ago and healed of breast cancer just several years ago……no radiation or chemo…….straight outright healing……… The Lord told me at that time ,he had to heal my body for such a time as this………. Anyway ,be blessed…there are many things you can do in the healing of your body……God bless!!!!!!!

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