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  1. Thank you for sharing .
    I have not fully heard yoru testimony but i am going too.
    So far . I thank GOD and you .=) for sharing .

    it make my feet curl up that i want to share this lots of people .
    Thank you

    Sandra Luz Farmer

  2. Thank you Very Much1!! for sharing . I totally appreciated !!!I believe all of it.
    i even want to copy and share it .

  3. Thank you for sharing .

  4. Sandra,
    Thank you for your comment.Praise the Lord…..Please enjoy your visit on the website….God bless

    Please feel free to share……

  5. Good Morning Bro. John & Sister Bettie, I listened to your story of being in hell from the Prophecy Club online. I also listened to the dire Prophecies about America. I also found your website through Bro. Stan & will study it more in detail. Later next week is Rosh HaShanna & several people think that both the Rapture & the Great Tribulation may both take place. As far as giants go, I’ve read articles about numerious Big Foot sightings in this country in the past. Could you mean them, other giants, or maybe both? I plan to share your website with other truee believers to spread the warnings. God richly bless you both. David Shapiro

  6. Hello Brother David

    It is nice to hear from you………..The giants I am referring to are the giants of Noahs day,the Nephalim……..Also please feel free to share whatever is on this website……
    God bless you…….Please feel free to stay in touch……

  7. It is Thursday 9/28/17, I listened to your words today on the Prophecy Club with Stan Johnson. I found them to be most encouraging. Personally I have never had any of those visions. I do not laugh at those that do. It gives us pause to reflect.
    Thank you again for taking your time to bring the message.

  8. Steve,
    You are most welcome………It is a time for all of us to examine ourselves daily………..Where things are going are not pretty……America broke Covenant with her creator and now its God’s time……..He has been most paitient and its time to take God at his word……..God bless you…

  9. I have a question about how you file your church status if it’s not under a 501-3 c non profit status? I am interested in doing the same as you but How do I report to IRS the donations.

  10. Thank you for your work for the Lord. Something is wrong with my email and it wouldn’t open so I came on here to read. God bless!

  11. I just heard an interview of you on the Prophecy Club, so I am looking at the material on your website. Thank you for your ministry and your warning about the latter days.

  12. Daniel
    You need to speak to an account that has training in ministry/church taxes and or exemptions…….Ours is handled that way…..God bless

  13. Dear Bette, Thank you for your faithfulness and for your word about WAR. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj was told in a vision with Jesus, the Archangel Michael and the Prophet Jeremiah that there would be a war involving Israel in 2017, which means that we have at most less than two months. There are also warnings that if the USA turns on Israel a major earthquake will come to the USA. Some of this in mentioned on Z3 News web site. All the best.

  14. Shalom Bette!

    I have just recently started listening to your YT messages.

    You definitely have a servants heart and you are a blessing.I love your no-nonsense approach to the Word and the speaking of the truth.

    I became a born again believer 15 years ago after 9-11. I grew up as a reform Jew and only practiced traditions. It was forbidden to talk about Jesus. The events of 9-11 changed my life forever. I started reading the Word and going to church. My hunger for the Lord is stronger now than ever before.

    Thank you for your messages They are a great encouragement.

    Again, Bless You!
    Sue M.

  15. May our God the Almighty give you strength and bless you as you do his work everyday. I am so happy I have found you.
    Thank you for being a soul for Jesus Christ.

  16. May our God the Almighty give you strength and bless you as you do his work everyday. I am so happy I have found you.
    Thank you for being a soul for Jesus Christ.

  17. Bette,

    I heard you on John the Baptist. Confirmation!!! It was as if every word you were speaking was Rhema to me. God had shown me most of what you said. It clarified how I get visions, too, and seldom think of them as a message. I was wrong. What do you think of the Christian enclaves that are coming? Also called safe havens? I think they are a wise place from which to operate as the end times church, sending out from there and welcoming those weary travelers.

  18. Hi Mike

    Thank you for your comment…….there will be safe havens…..In some places they are already in the making…….God bless you…..

  19. Bette,

    I had to tell you how much the word ‘Breaker – Breaker’ blessed me today! Yes, many of us are battle weary right now. I was sitting there listening with tears streaming down my face in praises to God for this message. He just gave me a word/vision about the attacks and why the increase, so this was such confirmation, dear Sister! Here’s a link to ‘All Hell Will Come Against You!’

  20. Thank you brother John and sister Bette for all you do and share with the Body of Christ/Church. We love you and hugs!

  21. Hello. I am Faheem Qaiser from Pakistan. I am a translator for Urdu,Farsi,Arabic and Hindi languages.

    I can translate books, articles, sermons, audios, videos, websites, booklets, blogs, etc.

    If you have any material that you need to get translated into Urdu,Farsi,Arabic and Hindi languages to spread here for people, please write me email or you can call me here:

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  22. Sister Bette I have been thinking about you so much! I listened to Pastor Benjamin Faircloth’s program when you shared your transition experience to Hell!Honestly I cried through most of it. The young teenage girl really hit home as my cousin Heather was killed in an alcohol related accident. But when you explained the whole story it is exactly the same. She went to spend the night at a friends and they snuck out with Heather’s boyfriend! Her boyfriend was driving very fast and they hit a curb and the car flew up in the air wrapping itself around a telephone poll, like a doughnut! All 3 died except the driver, Heather’s boyfriend! Please pray for me! I need healing & breakthrough desperately! I am worried! I am sharing your story everywhere! I need to talk to you privately if thats ok. Please let me know. I love you and hugs.

  23. Gosh the breaker video really hit home with me and I was encouraged and reminded of God’s word! In the last few months I have had nothing but betrayal, harsh judgement and words against me! Im tired if it and it’s all immediate family! I’m going to focus on my Lord and Kingdom calling! I never have let other people’s words bother me and I refuse to let it hinder my relationship with God! Thank you so much sister Bette! I love you and God bless you.

  24. Charlene

    Let me know if and when you are ready to chat and we can set up a time……We will always be praying…….I am glad you liked the interview……It is very heart wrenching when I have to give messages like this.Anyway be blessed/

  25. He called me to ministry in Dec. of 2016. It’s like a mantle came on me with boldness, purpose, and power. I have been getting words for several years and am pressing in on finding a way to share more and more. I concur. He is knitting the body in unity in order for a bride that he can call beloved.

  26. Hi Mike
    I am so glad to hear about your calling into ministry……In God’s timing all things come together for those who are in Christ Jesus…..

    Halleluiahand yes unity must come if we are to walk in the ways of the Lord,,,,,,One body with different gifts……

    Blessings to you

  27. Hi,

    I am andrewson from USA.I am editor in a Religion Magazines.I saw your site and your teaching are very informative for our magazine.

    We publish many religious teaching in our Magazine in different Languages and pay for that teaching.

    So if you translate your teaching in different Languages and send us then we will pay us almost 2000$ in a month.

    so what is your decision?

  28. Thank you so much for all your faithful service Bette.

    Hi Bette,

    Hope this message finds you well ma’am.

    Health challenges have lead to more time then average for intercessory prayer.
    So glad the Father lead me to your page.

    God bless you, and am looking forward to your
    presented words, topics, and am going to try to
    spend time in prayer concerning what I hear
    you say; as i’m sure you do.

    Thanks again Bette and God bless you.

  29. Hi Bette,

    Interceding, asking our Father in heaven in our savor Christ’s glorious name, to miraculously resolve all your health insurance requirements, in Yahushua’s glorious name we ask, we receive, and we give you all our thanks and praise YHWH. Praise you father for all you faithful, loving care for Bette.

    God bless you Bette, and am so glad Father has resolved this issue for you.

  30. Hi Peter

    Thank you for all your prayers…If you would like to be on our email list for updates and such,please let me know…….God bless you as we join together in prayer…….

  31. It’s an honor to serve our heavenly Father through his amazing son, our Master, King, Brother, & best Friend together with you & yours.

    I’d also, like to pray that things go great, miraculously, for your husband.

    Father in Jesus’s name we call for your spirit of protection to surround Bette’s husband with your warrior & guardian angels, to protect him, and give him the spirit of “incognito” as his presence through you brings blessings to the company, every company that Bette’s husband works for, & that in your way said company, or companies see how blessed they are, while Bette’s husband is “incognito”, and is promoted to an ambassador of yours, one of your servants/representatives displaying your kindness, work ethic, gentle, subtle, mighty and powerful ( beyond our imaginations) spirit.

    As we all join together, we ask, we receive, and give you all our true and grateful thanks giving sir – Mighty YHWH – in the wonderful and precious name of your glorious son Jesus – Yahushua – for this truly miraculous anointing on Bette’s husband, and family.

    Thank you father for this gracious and mighty promotion you’ve so kindly covered Bette’s husband with, as you anoint, train, and promote him & us as your faithful servants. We truly are so humbled & filled with joyful tears that you have even given us your mighty ear. Thank you and Praise you Father!

  32. Praise The Lord, God Almighty who is greatly and worthy to be Praised all the time for His words of warning that filled with great wisdoms and so truth. I would love to have a copy to share with family and friends if you can email it to me at my email given to you.

    I believed many troubles are on their ways in any time now from April 2018 and forward. Check out www, In her play list videos, The Holy Spirit is been speaking to her (Madame Ambassador of the Most High God) of the warning and now is the Actions Time. This is a high time to watch for the bride for her redemption drawn night. Halellujah and Amen🙌🙏💖

    Thank you so much for serving The One Truth King of Israel and shared His words with us. GOD BLESS you and your family.

  33. Praise the Lord Lika

    Thank you for taking the time to respond,,,,,May God richly bless you Much is coming……….

  34. Hi Bette, I just watched your video: “Many Millions of People will Die Very Soon (Safe Havens and House Churches too) – Bette Stevens” on Whistleblower Jeff.

    Please contact me when time permits as I would like to offer my home as a “Safe Haven” or “Home Church”. I am located in Southern Canada.

  35. Awesome!! What an amazing time this will be! I pray I am account worthy to be apart of his glorious kingdom! May JESUS bless you!

  36. Powerful books on the testimony of Hell! It moved me to examine my heart even more and repent! May JESUS bless you!!

  37. YHWH Elohim bless you beloved sister.. I know that what you are sharing is truth.. No matter what anyone else says.. May God help us to get our selves in order that we may stand in the day of battle.. I wanted to ask Bette if you come together to pray at anytime. And if so, can I please join you.

    In Yahushuas love

  38. Ruth

    Yes we still have prayer conference calls and I will let you know when we have another one…..May YHWH bless you.



  39. Than you for all your videos and prayers, sister. Please pray for me to hear the Lord clearly.

  40. Dana

    Your welcome

    Here is the response from the Lord,,,It may not be the one you want to hear but it is of Him……The Lord responds to a broken and contrite heart……

    God bless

  41. Many thanks for this write-ups very helpful and i know God has settled and establish my business and carrier.

  42. Shalom Bette

    Thankyou so much beloved sister…I will be watching my Email.. May the Lord hide you from the eyes of our enemy, and cover you and your husband and all of your loved ones in the Blood of Yahushua/Jesus. YHWH bless you also


  43. Thank you for that wonderful video Bette! I won’t bother you too much because I know you are busy, but would you please keep my husband Jonce in prayer for his health? He had a horrible reaction to a medication a couple of months ago and it caused Steven Johnson’s syndrome, then the shingles, then gout, and he has nerve damage in his face and ear still. He lost over 12 pounds just because his face and tongue were so swollen he couldn’t eat. He’s slowly getting better but it’s really been a test for him and me. I will keep you posted later, God Bless!

  44. I pray that you move to WV. We need you here! Please pray for my 33 year old son who was saved until he went to college. We don’t blame it on anyone but ourselves for not giving him a firm enough foundation! Do you know of any churches I could attend near Beckley, WV that would be similar to the one you attend. I’m so not satisfied with our Pastor and I must follow what my husband wishes to do. So torn. Please teach us how to witness to others! I am beyond shy! Blessings and Prayers going out to you, your husband, and your wonderful family!

  45. Hi Terri

    I thank you for your kind words.I do not know personally of a church around there….We have our own………God called us out of the main streams churches years ago….We have a house church and we are also somewhat mobile….We also do fellowship,bibles studies on skype…….by computer….

    If you should ever be in columbus ,please let us know and stop by …….
    God bless you


  46. Prayer that I do all that He called me to do. Currently communicating His word to leadership at a mega church & beginning to unite/build at a small local church. I have no plan, I just look back & see that things are happening – I don’t know what I’m doing, but He’s doing it. Thanks.

  47. Michael

    Will certainly be praying….Spending time with the Lord ……..Call upon the Lord and He will show you great and mighty things that you know not…..

    God bless you

  48. Hallo Bette – I am a divorced mom with 10 kids… please prophecy over us.
    My name is Thea and my children are Menorah – Joshua- Zephanja-
    Ismael- Rhosanna- Elyon – Marinda – Jonathan – MichaEL and Manoah.
    I am new here – and I am going to listen to your testimony . And for this His ministry.
    Sweetheart – may the LORD bless you and keep you and shine His Face upon you
    and grant you peace ! And give you His Shalom and His Authority.
    Stay under His Wings cause tonight is going to get very bad because of satanic sacrifices –
    And in China they have Yulin DOG MEAT FESTIVAL.
    So horrific – I just found out this they do in China every year.
    Watching and PRAYING – we are not here to stay !
    Dare not tell here what is going on with my family –

  49. Thea
    I will certainly be praying.I dont know what is going on in your family.but I do know this….If it is something demonic you need to war in the spirit…

    God bless you and your family.any other questions comments please feel free to email them

  50. Bette, I just wanted to thank you for all you do for the Christian Youtube community. I’m so happy I found your videos and am learning how to be a born again Christian after being raised catholic, and began praying again after the death of my husband, followed by failng health. I would appreciate a quick prayer for me from someone as connected to you. I have been talking to people about Jesus, some drop eye contact and physically turn away. Others are very positive, and are already Christian, but I am stepping out to try to walk like Jesus. Sister do you know of any safe haven out west? I ive in Montana. I pray for you daily or darn close to it.

  51. I heard your visions on the Prophecy club and loved your stories. I am also a born again Christian and am concerned about my salvation..I have been a truck driver for well over 20 years and have been born again for approximately 15 years. I read the Bible and do pray/talk out loud to the Lord as I drive but my walk is stuck in idle. At first , I received gifts of the spirit, but no longer have them. I know it says that God doesn’t take any gifts away, but I cannot tap into them like before. I do not have the ability to go to Church as I would like. Because I am working. I have prayed several times that the Lord use me to His will. All has been silent..I do not listen to secular music or nothing like that. Any suggestions? Blessings.

  52. Hi there,

    I think there are times when the Lord is silent ,but that doesn’t mean He has not heard your prayers.The gifts are irrevocable,however sometimes we begin to let loose of our first love and things become in a stalmate……..
    you might want to find some other like minded christians to share,pray and talk with…..sometimes the enemy can come in and you may be unaware,they like to undermine the things that the Lord is doing.
    You are welcome to fellowship a little with us if you like from time to time……..
    We will certainly hold you up in prayer……

    God bless

  53. Nancy
    I am happy you are learning to walk the walk,.we should all be doing that…At the moment I do not know of any safe havens in Montana…Sorry

    But keep praying,the Lord will reveal where he wants you to be

  54. Hi Bette,

    I have been following your Youtube videos for a while now and they are truly a blessing. Lately my family have been under heavy attack and are really in need to prayers and guidance from the Lord. My wife and I have been married for 11 years and we have 3 boys, they are or going to be 7, 4 and 2 this year. This year early June my wife suddenly told me she wants a divorce and later she really filed for divorce and she went to China for 10 days then came back in July and moved out to an apartment late July and left the 3 boys with me. She blamed everything on me as the reason she wants a divorce, but later I found out she has been chatting and developing a relationship with a guy behind my back, they even met up during her trip to China. I am devastated and feel overwhelmed having to care 3 little boys myself. I have to constantly work overtime just to cover all the expenses by myself plus the lawyer fees. My wife is a Christian and was baptized about 9 years ago, but now is leaving me for her fleshly desire. She believes she has found her true love and doesn’t care if the boys are hurt by the divorce. I truly need God’s strength and guidance, plus I need to learn to forgive her.

  55. There is a strong possibility however from someone else’s perspective ,thinking it also can refer to the oil being sold out…as in the Ten Virgins in the book of Matthew

  56. Praise God Sister and Pastor. My name is Elizabeth. I’m in McDonough Ga and I would like to be part of the house church safe haven. Kindly connect me to any that’s near me. Thank you so much and God bless. You’re a blessing to me. God led me to your YouTube Channel last week and i thank God. I’m so blessed by how God is using you all. Praying for you and the ministry.

  57. Hi Elizabeth
    Thank you for your prayers……I will have to see where all the house churches will be……many are not ready to receive people just yet….so stay in touch

    God bless you

  58. In regards to the vision where you were standing in red waters and it was rising up, past your ankles, I had a similar experience: I saw the continental US, the way it appears on a map or globe. Just a flat, featureless image. A cut opens up, in the center of the country, and blood starts gushing out, towards the east, and towards the west, simultaneously. The entire country becomes completely covered in blood, until all you can see is blood. I was awake, when I saw this. Approximately 2 years ago.

  59. Blessings Bette and John.
    We love you!

    I wish to enroll in BOOTS ON THE GROUND

  60. THANK YOU/////What we re actually doing is I am writing and will put up the lessons on

    the website,if you want to print them off or have them emailed to you you can…….The first one has some questions to answer……..

    God richly bless you


  61. Dear sister Bette,
    I really enjoy listening to you videos and feel lead to support your ministry. I lift up your ministry in my prayers. at this time I do not have a home church. In 2014, after finding myself out of a job for 2.5 years and without faith and becoming homeless, no family or friends to help and desperate, I joined the Mormon church. I left the Mormon church of 3 years in January 2017 after closer study of the Bible and online preachers of truth and my own research. I struggle finding a true bible based church in my area, Philadelphia, that are not mixed with lies and men’s traditions like Christmas and Easter. I have been following a few online ministries that teach truth. I’m single, elderly, no children and live alone. I pray asking Yah to show me where He wants me. I struggle hearing His voice and where I am supposed to be or what I should be doing and what is my calling. I want to be part of a home church so much, I need fellowship so I can support the brethren. I humbly ask, could you please pray for me and where I should connect and for encouragement. I always cry when I pray and get frustrated. I’m alone too much. I should be able to hear His voice, its quiet here. I don’t understand. I feel like I living in a cave deserted. I have fasted several times, I read and study His Word all the time. I don’t have a car so I take crowded public transportation to full time job. It’s like a jungle in the city. I don’t like it at all! I feel anxiety. I feel I may need deliverence. Something not right. I don’t feel totally free. I struggle in finding any true relationships with true believers in the way the truth and the life according to Yahushua. I appreciate your prayers. Also,could you provide me your PayPal email address so I can bless your ministry? I clicked your PayPal link and it not linked properly.
    I give thanks and praise to the Most High God that provides a way to bless others.

  62. Hi sister Bette, I don’t know where my other better comment went, I just posted. but could you pray for me? I need deliverance I think from anxiety. I live alone. No home church or fellowship. I struggle in praying. Cry mostly. I lift up your ministry in prayer.
    I would like to bless your ministry and need your PayPal email. Your link not working. I
    Thank you dear sister!
    I give thanks and praise the Most High Yah to provide blessings.

  63. Hi Lori

    Thank you for wanting to help and if you should like to talk by phone sometime,we can set up a time to do that……it is on the website…
    God bless you

    Sister Bette

  64. Good morning. I printed this off this morning. I will send my thoughts in the morning. I hope you also will give me some feedback. I’m not so sure I understand what all is included in preparing for battle.

  65. I have an appt. with an eye doctor today, My vision has changed over the last two weeks where I can barely see. I have worked on reading the material but I’m having a hard time. I will respond as quick as I can.

    Thank you. Please whisper a prayer for me,

  66. I had a co-worker many years ago that professed to be a Wiccan.
    I also now have a family member who is into Shamanism and is talking to the dead supposedly. I have asked God for His protection to surround the innocent child in that household; I don’t know what else to do. I do have the child in my home on most weekends and she is too young to understand about Jesus or God because I have tried talking to her about Him. I have rebuked the darkness many times through my home just in case there was anything here.

  67. Hi Sister Bette – when is the Fellowship Bible Study? and Boots on the Ground or Boot Camp is that still available?

  68. Hi Ms Bette,
    I was wondering your thoughts on a closely related topic. I once heard and am convinced it to be true that simply praying against the will of God for ourselves or for others can be considered a form of witchcraft. These prayers may actually create an oppression unintentionally over our lives or others lives because the prayers open demonic doors. I therefore take great care in praying for others and myself…Any thoughts?

  69. Hi Sister Christine
    We have Fellowship Bible study through our house church here in Ohio and yes Boots on the Ground is still available and I have put the first 2 lessons up here on the website.

  70. Hi Ms Robin

    We are not to pray against His judgements,but rather pray they are righteous and His will be done.
    Its not about us,its all about him…..

    Even in the midst of judgement God will have mercy…..that is why they are Redemptive judgements.

  71. I really appreciate you! I know you are for real. I am asking for prayer. I am wanting to move because HUD housing rents will go up to fair market value which will exceed my SSD income. I am asking for God’s direction to show me where to move to that i also may be around fellow believers as well as rent from one. Thank you.

  72. Hi Amber

    We will be praying for what direction the Lord wants you take……You always want to be in his perfect will and in his timeing
    God bless you and thanks for writing.

  73. Promoting Unity by uplifting our fellow believers and supporting them.
    Gathering together in worship and praise of Our Lord.
    Helping other believers who are in need both physically and spiritually.

  74. juliekay

    Yes, but we must live holy and set an example…There is a lot at stake and many today do not really know how to live the word.Helping is wonderful and t hat is important but it cannot save…..

    God bless……..

  75. Enjoyed viewing & reading thru,about all the good and edifying things happening over there! But,wonder when such would ever reach us,of far remote and neglected rural regions of Africa. Our rural church leaders,don’t have all what it takes,to attend a prestigious bible school,far away in the city. Mega denominations,would rather handover flyers,beckoning us,come where is all happening. Nigeria is saturated with churches,but most of the poor rural regions,remain unevangelized. Hope,you consider,to help us,help our folks. Shalom!

  76. I was listening to “A Holy Warning” this morning and as she was reading I realized that my bible is a little different. I was wondering if I could get a bible from you. I have recently given myself to Jesus and need all the help I can get. Thank you for helping me find my way to God. I can’t express how much it has meant.

  77. Revelation the telling of the end.

    And the dragon was wroth with the woman,and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God,”AND” have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    Here is the patience of the saints:here are they that keep the commandments of God, “AND” the faith of Jesus.

    Blessed are they that “DO” his commandments.

    Ecclesiastes 12:13
    Now all has been heard: here is the conclusion of the matter:
    Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

    Thank you love you bless you

    The Lord be magnified!

    We always think that it is about us
    When its really always been about Him.


  78. WOW Sister Bette.. I am so happy to hear this. Thank you so much. My husband Roylee has been asking me to see if I can find this book a sister had blessed us with about ten years ago.. It was about the ten commandments and the importance of keeping them.. However most we tried to share this with told us we were being legalistic..YHWH Elohim bless you and your husband sister Bette and yes as Brent said. THE LORD BE MAGNIFIED. AMEN

  79. Bette,Please pray for my husband’s salvation and all of my kids. They are all go to church but only God knows their heart.Also I’m very concern that I can’t hear Gods voice clearly, may you ask Him what else should I do to fix this problem?

  80. Bette, please pray for salvation of my husband and my kids. My kids are in church, but only God knows our hearts. And I have a concern about not hearing Gods voice clearly. Would you please pray and ask the Lord what can I do to hear him? I already tried everything, except fasting. Thank you so very much and may God bless you richly !

  81. Dear sister Better, thank you for your stern,no nonsense approach, I appreciate your deep devotional leadership that is an attribute to what a woman of God should aspire to be, Sister, you are a Debra! Sister,I would like prayer for my unsaved children, these are their names Anna, Julie and my youngest son Michael. Michael is currently serving time in Phoenix AZ. on drug charges, he is due for release on Feb.14, 2019. About two years ago the Lord gave me a vision showing me that Satan had a hook on the back of Michael’s neck, I told this to my son,of course he denied he was doing anything wrong, about two weeks later he was arrested. Michael needs deliverance from drugs,I lift them up to the Lord in prayer,I know that the Lord is in the business of rescuing the lost, I have the faith they will be saved. God’s blessings sister to you and yours.

  82. Praise the Lord sister Bette. I’m fine in the Lord with my family. Hope you’re well with your family too. Please remember my husband in your prayers to commit himself to the Lord fully. Pray for me for God to use me for His glory and to open my spiritual eyes and ears and to fill me with the fire of the holy ghost. Please pray for Micah my friend for God to set her free from smoking, alcohol and drugs and God to set her free and grant her a stable job. Pray for my friend Michelle who is trusting God for a stable job too. God bless you for your prayers and continue to glorify Himself in your life. God keep you and your family safe.

  83. Yes sister place me in prayer for our online ministry–and also for my grown children and grandchildren souls—-the SMITHS, GILLINGS and HARVEYS! We are going to be going through a lot for sure as WARS and tribulations approach God’s people—so thanks for all you and spouse are doing for ministry! May all of us get to be around the welcome table soon!

  84. God bless you dear sister, We also lift you and your husband up in prayer, thank you for availing yourself to the Lord, through you we hear the Lord’s voice and His will and instructions for our lives during these dark last days. Many blessing

  85. Fernando (believer) says:
    I am very rejoiced in my spirit and thank THE LORD ALMIGHTY YAH. & JESUS CHRIST For this Ministry which GOD allowed sister Bette steven being a useful tool of THE LORD of great help for us (GOD-believers). Thank you for your prayers, you are included in ours.please,continue posting more revelation from the LORD on Utube, in Christ we love you, Amen!

  86. I thank THE LORD for this ministry and each sincere christian in the planet.Let’s prayer for one another, in Christ I Love you all, AMEN!

  87. Hello,
    I am very excited about what God is doing through your ministry and would like to be part of your church for working together here in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    So please, l am glad to invite you to come establish the church here in my Country for His glory and to make progress His plan on the earth.

    I will appreciate to hearing from you soon, please.

    Pastor Mwamba Watekwa Eusphate

  88. Dear Sister Bette, I follow your ministry on UTUBE, I bring an other request for prayer for my youngest son once again. Dearest Sister Bette, my son Micheal has been involved in drugs since his late teens, he is now 39 years of age. As of 02/14/19 he was released from the Arizona prison system, I have not heard from him since his release from prison, I am concerned because all he had was the clothing that we sent him for his release. I pray fervently on a daily bases and during the day when he comes to my mind. Please help me pray for Michael’s salvation, I refuse for Satan to take Michael to Hell, I decree that Michael is saved and that God showers him with His love and wisdom and to stir the talents that God has given Michael to use for God’s kingdom. God’sblessings sister, may the Love of God continue to shine in you.
    Lots of love, Orpha Solis

  89. Dear Sister Bette
    I am in process of registering at your website but it is not approved yet.

    I am praying for both of you.
    I mentioned on your YT channel, a few days after the Lord spoke to me
    ” I am creating new things — I THE LORD HAVE SPOKEN.” Your video came
    up on YT / Furnace of affliction — so I know this is really from the
    Lord. I am in the furnace since 2017 and in 2018 it became a bunch “hotter”. Your video / Prayer and Deliverance came up. After watching and praying this with you I am becoming stronger because the Holy Spirit is working in me. I still need prayer — THE VALE NEEDS
    TO BE FULLY REMOVED, FROM MY EYES AND EARS. I need to know what to
    do in the last days ahead. I want to hear and see ALL what the Lord
    has for me, so HE can use me in HIS perfect will.

    God Bless you and your husband Sister Bette


  90. Hi Dimi

    I hope you are doing well God bless you and thank you for all the prayers.We will continue to pray for you…..Blessings.

  91. Yes and Amen! Our Gid tells us to love Him with all our hearts, souls, strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves! If we love our neighbors as ourselves then we will not commit sin against them therefore fulfilling the commandments.. to Hod be all the glory!

  92. Dearest Sister Bette, thank you for today’s message from the Lord. Sister, my daughter and I live alone in the Southwest state of New Mexico, we are perplexed because we haven’t heard from the Lord whether we are to remain in our home or placed elsewhere. We have been faithful and obedient in preparing and saving food and commodities, in four years we have accumulated over $100,000 worth of food and supplies and will continue until the Lord says stop or until food becomes to expensive to buy. we have been asking the Lord that if it’s His will that we would lIke our home to be a place that Lord sends people in need of food and a place to spend a night. Both my daughter and I are disabled, mobility is an issue for both of us but specially for her. Sister please continue to pray for my son Michael, he was released from prison on February 14,2019, I have nor heard from him during this time, I know that the Lord is dealing with his heart, but as his mother I am worried that something has happened to him. God bless you sister, my daughter and I are praying for you and your husband John.

  93. Sister Bette, I just noticed that you are asking if we need deliverance from infirmity. Yes, I have a murmur in my heart that is slowing down the blood flow which makes me very tired, I also have nerve damage on both my feet that cause a tremendous amount of pain. My daughter’s knees are bone on bone and she suffers from inflammation and her thyroid is out of control,her primary doctor is doing what she can, thyroid is nor her specialty. My eldest son Steve has diabetes and is losing his eyesight. Please pray for us, God bless you sister. Orpha Solis

  94. Hello Sister Orpha

    Yes we will be praying and seeking Father for restoration,restoring and healing in all the diseases and infirmities in the body….

    Yahushua bless you

  95. Anonymous
    Pray about it…….Those that have the Holy Spirit will know whether I am or not.More importantly is the fact that God is King.

  96. Please pray for Eileen. She needs deliverance, healing and conversion. She needs to forgive real and perceived hurts.
    Please pray for Maggie to get over her mistakes and move on.
    Please pray that my situation change. Heart is very heavy and feel abandoned.
    Please pray for guidance, to hear what God wants me to do and the strength to do it.
    Thank you!

  97. I thank the LORD for being a very helpful tool in GOD’S HANDS.HOLLY DIVINE LORD please protect this sister from any evil so that in all her days we can continue receiving your blessing through her prayers and teaching in JESUS CHRIST LOVE, AMEN!

  98. Yes a very real and fearful visitation of hell. I need to develop my relationship with the father through jesus with the help of the holy spirit. Repent everyday even more than twice a day as needed. I’m.sorry you had to visit this place but thank you lord jesus for using bette to spread this message the world needs to know.

  99. Ory,,,,,Yes very real……….It was God’s will and hopefully bringing one soul into the King.Please feel free to keep in touch.

    There is plenty of head knowledge,but what about the heart?????

    God bless you


  100. This Is Linda Comstock In Joseph Oregon In Wallowa County In The United States of America. Mother Of Gabriel Ryan Renfroe 19 Yrs DIED 2015 Halloween Night From Very Severe Spiritual Attacks Of Witchcraft And Targeting Of Hatred. ** Prayer Needed For Me And My Family My Son Shawn Renfroe And His Girlfriend Alyson Smith Alyson’s Dad Ron Smith In Lagrande Oregon. * My Son Levi Fine In Lagrande Oregon. Levi’s Fiancee Kelly Tennant And Their 2 Year Old Son ODIN FINE In Denver Colorado. My Daughter Salena Faith Renfroe And Her Fiancee Tyler Larson In Lagrande Oregon And Me In Joseph Oregon.*** Prayer Needed For Very Severe Spiritual Attacks Of Witchcraft And Targeting Of Hatred TO BE DESTROYED BY GOD’S GREATNESS And Prayer For Greater Out Pouring Of The Holy Spirit.

  101. Tanks for sharing jésus messe gestion with us pray for my husban Gaetan he have not yet born again

  102. Thankyou so much for your work for the Lord.I do appreaciate your Word and wish you endevors with Holy Spirit work Father Abba and Jesus be blessed.Covering with Lord Jesus Christ be with you ,Husband and Ministry i know God will find ways for you yo continue on this most important journey saving souls one a a time.luv of Christ always

  103. Please pray for me and my family, for healing and deliverance and household salvation. Thank you so very much!

    May God continue to bless you and keep you is my prayer.

    Sis. Kim McNeal

  104. Hi sis,

    I was seeking the truth in life, as I felt there is more than the life was living, I was born in Roman Catholic family and did know anything, however was regularly in novena on Wednesday however and also was in So many other sin however was getting up at midnight every day at 3pm and was started to do research and then started to read bible after that, I use to read bible every day not every and only daily bible verse.
    Initially the path was difficult to walk and u started reading I use fell slippy and tired and was unable to understand the bible, the journey was on to search and by the holy spirit guidennce i was understanding the bible parable and God was confirming with some video and started following by his Grace changed me and made me to confess all my sin and I accepted Jesus Christ in my life, I stop going to church u asked Jesus to guide me for new church or for baptism but dis not hear, I am from India and was working in dubai however he guided me to move back to India, I am born again last year in 2018, this year Feb I lost my job, I moved back to India with my family, and waiting to hear from God, not working untill now and walking with our Lord Jesus Christ daily, the path is difficult when i share my faith with the family and friends but they don’t understand as usual, as Jesus said no servant is greater than the master. I am waiting to hear from God but as I get message wait and have faith and be dependable as isrial was when they came from Egypt. Pray for me will be in contact. GOD BLESS IN CHRIST JESUS.

  105. Dear sister Bette,
    I’m in desperate need of sanctuary but I have no license nor car. I’ve been gaslighted and abused for many years and…well, I cannot say but it’s a critical time and I am to be with other believers. It is time. Please ma’am. It’s awfully cold here and I’ve no family nor friends remaining since I converted and saved. I’m being born again but I cannot seem to out down cigarettes- this stress is a huge burden. I pray you see this and can say a PRAYERS and offer me a way to get to you I’ll help with whatever please pray on it ma’am. All my thanks love and prayers,

  106. I would like to be part of the phone group ministry that you do if possible. I am currently in a phone group but looking to make more friends and mire teaching. I am in nj. I am widowed and disabled. Came back to the Lord in 2017. Had some amazing experiences and deliverance. I fell backwards a little tho after some rejection. I used to suffer from severe anxiety, I have 2 close friends and wanting more.

  107. Dear Bette Stevens

    I just love hearing your videos and listen to them often as I have found them to be very interesting insightful and thought provoking, but now I cannot locate your videos or even locate your page on Youtube.
    I know one of the last videos I saw said you were going to be off line for a while, but that’s been a while since.
    Did you take it down or did Youtube shut you down.

    God Bless to you and your husband.
    Praying for great health and safety for both of you.

    In HIS Service

  108. I was subscribed to your channel and now your subscription is gone. Did you get off of youtube or did they cancel your channel. I really liked your channel.

  109. Dear Bette will you post your words from the Lord now that you are not on you tube? Blessings to you and your ministry.

  110. Dear Bette,

    Did you pull off of YouTube? If so, I understand. Thank you for all the videos previously posted and all blessings to you and your husband.


  111. Hi Bette, I’ve been searching for you and can’t find you anywhere. I hope and pray you and John are ok. I really miss your videos and your messages. I don’t get any notices from you any more. Please be blessed and I’m praying for you and John. Linda

  112. Dear Sister Bette..I found you on YouTube and miss your channel so much. I hope all is well with you and your family. Prayers and Spiritual Hugs for you!

  113. Thank you so much for sharing the word. I have been through things in this life journey and come to realize that the LORD has been with me all along! Amen. PLEASE PLEASE keep me lifted in prayer and I will do the same.

  114. Need prayer for more spiritual relationship with the Holy Spirit and Jesus I don’t hear them or feel them very rarely. Keep seeking. Don’t know what else to do.being tempted badly with the flesh feelings. Live with my family who sin when I’m trying everything to get clean by the blood of Jesus unsure if I have the spirit don’t feel any of the gifts or really hear the spirit please need prayer thank you Debbie

  115. I confirm the chat about Safe Havens. God has given me all the details of one here in New Zealand..
    I didn’t know there was such a thing revealed to anyone else in the body.
    Very encouraging.
    But I’m just so Glad and assured that God speaks directly to his Sheep. It comes from no other source but by divine appointment! Those that try to create their own in their own strength will not stand in his Glory.
    So they will not be a Glory pocket!.
    No use to anyone being saved or hidden..
    But by his grace, he has a remnant that blesses many with a place prepared here for us who are harvested to worship and be edified.
    Why would it be here?
    It was in heaven right!
    Well the Kingdom of God is here!
    We gather in his temple.

  116. Thankyou Bette I’m listening to you via You Tube Servants Heart. What do you think of mental illness my husband and I are separated just now but I know he loves me and I him. He has truly been saved since 1978 and myself from 1981 but our relationship is difficult because of his illness . I’m perplexed about this. Is if deliverance he needs or medication 🤔 it is difficult but we both truly want to serve Jesus. Just pray for light for us. And I pray for you and your husband and the work. I live inAboyne in Scotland. Every Covenant Blessing x

  117. I saw your video on this, and I want to be sure I have divined it correctly. Are you saying the Democrats and Republicans are working together, sort of like good cop/bad cop, in order to bring in a one world government and persecution of Christians and martial law? Will there be a vaccine for this virus that would be poison? Will there be a civil war here?

  118. I saw your video on this, and I want to be sure I have divined it correctly. Are you saying the Democrats and Republicans are working together, sort of like good cop/bad cop, in order to bring in a one world government and persecution of Christians and martial law? Will there be a vaccine for this virus that would be poison? Will there be a civil war here?

    I have never posted before nor seen your videos.

  119. Hi Donna
    In regard to your questions both parties are of man and both in some way will agree with a one world order…..It is now in the making right in front of us……it will carry martial law and economic problems and will eventually lead to civil war….Be diligent and always pray

  120. Hi Sister Bette, I am new to your channel and I am now following you. You speak the will of Our Father in heaven and would like to get to know you as a Christian Mother, the words of the Father touches me and I know that you hearfrom him and I am grateful that you are His mouth piece… I would like to know when you will have prayer time so that I will be able to pray with you and others true saints of God. Thanks and God bless you and your family ❤

  121. Dear Bette, I came across you on YouTube. I was so blessed, to hear your prophetic words, that God gave you and the visions, you shared. I believe that we are living in the last days and this coronavirus, is man made. Bette, my husband and I are dedicated Christians and we love the Lord Jesus, our Savior, very much. My husband had a stroke in 2017, which had left him a very sick man. He had to retire early, leaving us with decreased income. We are struggling, trying to sell our house. We have been hit severely. We are about to loose everything we have. God brought us here, where we are now, almost ten years. I wasn’t able to make the mortgage payment this month. We had a high repair bill on a heating unit and a high electric bill, the burdens goes on and on. I’m a diabetic on insulin. Bette, I know God can and has all the answers. I don’t know which way to go, declare Bankruptcy, or what? Would you please pray for Joe and me. He’s a Veteran and has a Silver Star and Purple Heart, served this country, for fifteen years. Thank you and God bless you.

  122. Dear sister Bette,

    I give Almighty God ALL GLORY AND THANKS for your obedience to Him! The YouTube message “Love…” posted today, February 17, was of great encouragement and Truth for me. Ignore the tempting of the ‘nay-sayers’ to not publish what Ruach has shown you to be obedient in doing. I truly needed this Bread this very day. Yes, there are, and have been, many physical and spiritual attacks on me and others in The Body. I will be praying for you and yours; we definitely need each other in this darkness and in these last days. I have asked The Lord if I am to prepare a haven or to leave; please stand with me for confirmation. I live on the gulf coast and have been given visions of the devastation coming here and even at my abode, a tsunami that will go up the Mississippi river, and huge hurricane that starts from Florida and goes straight westward scrubbing the entire southern portions of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. The Lord kept me safe and a haven from all of the past storms of south Texas throughout the last 12 years that I have been in this area. HE ALONE IS our shelter and Peace and is faithful – HALLELU-YAH! I pray for HIS direction at this time and that I clearly hear ONLY Him and His will. Thank you for your website to fellowship, request prayer, and to feed The Sheep of His pasture. ALL GLORY to Him alone and IN Christ, Lisa

  123. I have been watching you and Sister Mary(Gods Handmaiden). She has started a safe haven in TN. Do you know of any here in Ohio? God Bless you and your husband for all you do.

  124. I am waiting to see if I’m to stay or go, wherever the Lord needs me. Either way, I’m trying to be prepared.
    Know that you and your family are in my prayers. The saints in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and the Congo are in my daily prayers.
    Please keep me in your prayers that I will be open to whatever the Lord has in store for the future. In many ways, I would rather go home than be here for what is coming.

  125. Hi Sister Bette, I know your plate is full. May I ask for a ‘prayer request’. I have two sons Ben, age 36 and Dominic, age 31. I’d like prayer for deliverance from all worldliness, demonic oppression, strongholds, and any/all hindrances keeping them from serving God. I pray that they’d be mighty men of God and that their names shall be written into the Lamb’s Book of Life, according to the Book of Revelations.

    I had 3 sons. I lost my middle son 3 years ago this past February of an accidental drug overdose. It does bother me to know that my two living sons, who were raised in church, aren’t seeking and living for God according to the Bible and as God asks us to. The lateness of the hour of Jesus’ return is fast approaching and so is the rapture. I truly believe my God is able, as His Word tells me so…

    Thank You my sister in Jesus. Be BLESSED in the mighty Name of Jesus!!!

  126. Hello Sister Lucille
    We have added your prayer request….Thank you…….much is going on and we all need all the prayers we can get….amen

    God bless

    Sis Bette

  127. Hello dear Bette and John, I see your videos on I recently got a shofar, and at first thought it didn’t work. I did a search on youtube on “how to blow a shofar” and there are some very helpful videos out there. I still need some practice, but thought watching a few videos might help you too! The true Jewish New Year is coming up on 3/24, and Passover soon too.

    Thank you for your ministry and Kingdom work. If you could please keep my daughter Abby in prayer for salvation, and me for clear direction on moving (Abba has given me a general area, but that is all I know) that would be wonderful. I thank you in advance.

    Blessings, encouragement, gratitude, hugs, love, and shalom, in King Yahushua’s Mighty Name!

  128. …a couple of tips on the shofar…one video mentions that you din’t just blow into it. You kind of have to that *rasberry’ thing with your lips. You can practice on the palm of your hand, and then try to get your lips tighter and a higher *rasberry.* This video explains it and helped me:

    Happy practicing!

  129. Thank you Julie
    I will check it My husband is the one that knows how to play the shofar well.I actually have the smaller nne…..we have several people in our minstry that play the shofar.

    God blessyou


  130. Intercessory Prayer Request

    Dear Bette,
    I need prayers (God knows what I need). I know that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man (1 Timothy 2:5), but God also hears the prayers of believers on behalf of others (Acts 12:5,12). I need faith, spiritual guidance, boldness and discernment. I desperately need God. I will continue to pray for others too.

    Thank you for your messages on YouTube.

  131. Intercessory Prayer Request

    Dear Bette,
    I desperately need a miracle. A miracle of faith that is unwavering. Also God knows that I’ve been asking for it too among other things. I feel ABANDONED.

  132. Dear Bette,
    (and Lily, I am praying for a miracle for you and that you will feel Yahushua’s love)

    Thank you for your most recent video which gives some reassurance that Abba will protect and move (some of us) soon.

    On hearing the shofar. I almost emailed you last week. Some people can hear the shofar with their spiritual ears. I know because this was happening to me in 2015. Today, 3/24 is Nisan 1 at the sighting of the new moon in Israel, the true beginning of the Jewish New Year. I am sure many will be blowing their shofars this day. I will. You mentioned what it means when many are blowing the shofar. Passover also begins sunset 4/8.

    Blessings, encouragement, and shalom to you, your family, and your ministry,

  133. Dear Julie
    Thank you for your response.Yes the shofar is blowing.

    God’s blessings to you and encouragement and wisdom

  134. Missed you Sister!
    Thank you for giving to us what God has spoken to you.
    I am praying for you and your husband during this great change that has happened to the both of you because of your husbands lay off from work.
    May God Bless Your Family
    Guy P.

  135. Hello Brother
    Thank you for all your prayers…..In this time of one thing we know,God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
    God bless you and yours
    Bette and John

  136. Oh dear sister Bette I am so greatful to have been led to you🙏 Thank you yahshua thank you father god for this Servants Heart 🤍🕊🙏 praises to the most high God🙏🤍 sister Bette your in my prayers God bless you.

  137. Greetings Sister Bette and Brother John in Jesus Christ Mighty Name!! Right now, the Lord has me off of IG (@rebirth_15) and Facebook/Twitter and I have limited use on Youtube. I tried to post my testimony on there multiple times, but YouTube rejected it. However, by the Grace of God, it was posted on the Forgiven Sinners social media page :)! I came to Christ Jesus in 2015 and nothing’s been the same since!! Glory HALLELUYAH!! Also, I was led to Your Youtube page around February due to the C virus and have been truly blessed with the utterances that Lord Jesus have spoken through You. I pray that He will continue to hold, bless, and keep you, your husband, ministry, and family and please keep me and my family in your prayers. I love you all Dearly and thank you so much again for standing your position in the Body of Christ; Love, Taylor Stany 🙂

  138. Hi Sister Bette. For the 10 commandments . I just wondering why Christians only kept 9.? Minus 1 important day Yahuah has ordained and blessed.
    This question is in my heart for several years..
    God blessed you.
    Thank you.

  139. Hi Brother Taylor
    Thank you for your donation….I hope all is well……We continue to press forward…..Our hope is in Christ…..It is a time of deepening our relationship with Him…..

    God bless you…..and Brother John says hello.


  140. Hello Bette,
    I recently came across a you tube video of you. I’ve never heard of you or your ministry but I believe you are a sincere servant of God. The video message was ‘It has begun’ the date was on January 24th 2020. It was heartfelt and convicting.
    Bette, I have left my first love, Jesus. I want to return to Him but this happens every time – I repent and I began to daily spend time with the Lord and His Word but somehow, I slowly start swaying back into the world. I don’t mean drinking, drugging, or sex. But into my own selfish needs and cares. Please pray for me that this time I stay strong and keep going forward for good with Jesus and not turn back! I don’t want to end up as Lot’s wife but end up as part of the remnant that God is building up for the latter days.
    Thank you.

  141. Hi sister I’ve been watching you on YouTube in the last week of 2019 I was very uneasy and I kept getting in my spirit “2020 20+20=40 I knew something was up for 2020 just didn’t know what. Please keep myself and family in prayers I’m not married and living with the father of my 3 children ages 7,4 and 2 my youngest has been diagnosed with delays and needs therapy I’m praying for a miracle for him that he speaks that’s the only thing he hasn’t done he will be 3 in October plz keep us in prayers I’m also praying for a way to make my relationship right in the sight of God I know not being married is a sin I thank you again and your messages do convey urgency bless you and your husband

  142. Sister Bette:
    I just sent a comment to you and received message that it was a duplicate. I hope not because I was giving thanks for the recent YT vids – new assignments coming and something not ever seen before. And it was good communicating with you earlier today. Please keep me in your prayers that I will resist the devil and he shall flee and draw nigh unto Our loving adorable Savior. Pray for my eyesight so blurry. Thank you, Sis Kathy Kay

  143. Dear Bette,
    Thank you so much for displaying the holy ghost fire living within u. So many false prophets are speaking today. Plz pray for me. I have fire to spread the gospel but I don’t have anyone to go with or even a mentor to teach me. When Yahweh called me to preach in my church, I didn’t get much support until AFTER I preached & people could finally see that God was leading me. People think that my youth stops me from having discernment but I know my Lord has gifted me with it & the gift to preach. I’m the only one in this house who knows we’re truly in the last days & it hurts because I just want them to prepare. Please pray for God’s guidance over myself and my family. Also, how can I find the safe houses? I’m in Illinois. I’ll travel as far as I need to. Thank you sister. Be blessed!

  144. Last night( 6/6/20 ) while listening to a bible study with one earphone in I heard a sound GOT up and looked around but nothing, it sounded like a Shofar. I have heard shofar and trump sounds a few times lately, and while I am listening to bible study which I go to sleep to EVERY night for the last 6 to 8 months. I felt it was,in my spirit. We live in the country so,pretty darn quiet out here. PRAISE JESUS,BLESSINGS.

  145. Hello sister Bette. I came across one of your videos last night which led me to your website. Thank you for giving us this message and the word! It sounds like some of the messages you received invoke the rapture of the church however, you haven’t been clear on that. Although I am not certain, I believe that we will be raptured very, very soon! So soon that I believe we will not see winter. Question: Do you believe that we will be raptured and have you received word from the Lord on this? Perhaps even our earthly bodies will be glorified for a short time before the Lord takes us home?!?! Thoughts?

  146. I just wanted to say Thank you so much for your obedience in following God. I have been blessed listening to your ministry on YouTube. Again all glory to God and I thank him for allowing me to hear your end of days messages before the return of our Lord & Savior Jesus the Christ.

  147. To the lady living on Gulf side of Fla, wondering about leaving or staying, I feel strongly Florida will be wiped off the map by tsunami also. Along with most of the east coast into TN and Alabama. NYC and DC will be also gone.
    And the Mississippi will be greatly widened. Then I learned about the New Madrid fault so that explains the Mississippi becoming miles wide….when it cracks.
    Oh Lord, help us all to know, go or stay! I know I am to go from where I am! Just finding that where is my burden right now. He will provide — and shed light as I make each step in the path He has for me and those that go with me. Praise Jesus!

  148. Hi, Thank you for your utube prophecies. It was most encouraging to hear you say “go where God leads”. We should never fear dearth or want of food but God alone, let him be our fear and dread. Living on 68 acres off grid and a widow alone. Just a few months ago I moved to Virginia Beach, busy bustling city. This is where he has me. I can do more good to the love of neighbors here in time if troubles then hunckered down alone in the woods with my comforts of food and shelter. Be of good courage, He goes and prepared a house for us, in heaven, that’s my home! When I go I want to go loving my neighbor, no fear! Peace and thanks! The meeting you saw…. that’s the final nail of how the mark will come, vaccine or economic, the final roll out for the NWO. Well the Lord is ahead of them all! Lol it’s written, economic, rev 13. War first, power outages, I don’t know, but it’s here.

  149. I’m pretty sure I have the mark on inside of right wrist and another on my vainon the top of right hand looks a grain of rice but dark looks like it’s inside of my vain but I feel in my heart that God can and wants to heal me I was healed before and save but I knew nothing of what to do with it and didn’t know what I had and fell once again I need prayer I’ve learned so much since then and don’t understand how I can love someone so much yet hurt him I heard the most beautiful thing the other day that mother Teresa (I think that’s her name) she was asked how do you do everything you do and she replied “I look at everyone as though they were Jesus” how can you go wrong looking at people in that way? You just can’t! God bless you. Father in Jesus name I pray that you keep Betty her husband, famaly, ministry and those who are touched through her works Amen.

  150. Hi Bettie,
    I saw those boxes in the background of today’s video.It is Time,and i feel excited when i see people relocating as per Heaven’s Orders. I live in a house in Tulsa, am single many years, but no push from the nest or Peace about selling/moving…maybe my home is key for my mission…was given a couple words over last several years that it (move) will be sudden when it occurs. Safety, Peace and hidden in plain sight for you and your husband. And order and know-how for the practical side of the move…Joy is our Strength…I hope to keep in touch in some way as you transition. I am subscribed if you are led to do more videos.
    Patti Pearlman

  151. Hi Bette, thank you for encouraging words and prophecies on your utube channel. I live in New zealand, not sure if there is a safe haven for end time in here. Seems like everyone lives in comfort zone and not aware of spiritual warfare. I might be wrong though. Is there a way to donate a part from using paypal? I used to have paypal account but forgot the password and all the details. Could I just send to a bank account for instance? Please let me know. I know you guys are moving and very busy. I hope even a small token would be a help for your ministry. GOD bless you.

  152. Dear Bette
    I would like to apologize sincerely from my heart for a comment I made about a year ago regarding your doctrine. I cannot remember what I wrote but whatever it was, it continues to prick my conscience. I am more mature in Him now and have learnt to forsake my opinions. The Holy Spirit has laid it on my heart to apologize to you and I’m so happy to obey. Please forgive me for daring to be so self-opinionated and hurtful to you. I know that you work so hard for God in the ministry and nasty comments just add to your burden.
    I am really very, very, very sorry.

  153. Greetings Sister Bette, I am recently new to your youtube channel though I understand will not be available after friday until further notice. I sense the Lord wanting me to stay connected with this Ministry, not fully sure why unless He reveals more to me, since I was a young girl, God has reveal things to me through my Dreams. Just recently I have visions, I never was a visionary person, for I would only see things in my Dreams. Because I use to run with this, the Lord had to show me, it is rear and only when He chose to show me something. I never really shared with too many other then my Husband and/or a few family members. The Lord showed me something just before the Coronavirus hit our State of New York, and what I witnessed was not pleasant, I vividly remembered the sound coming from the dark clouds that was passing the Moon, the first thing I notice is the Moon, it had a tint of reddish-yellow to it. The sound I heard from the dark clouds was very unpleasant, as the sound of death, that is the best way I can explain it. There are so many other things I witness in my dreams but will leave it here for now. In my spirit-man, I do believe your gifted and do not get a unction from the Holy Spirit otherwise. I am a Housewife and have two beautiful sons (Isaiah & Joshua) their of age now in their early 20’s but still lives with us, my husband’s name is Lawrence. Please keep us in your prayers and I will do the same for you & the Ministry. I would very much like to stay in contact with the Ministry for I believe you are a true Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and take it not lightly what the Spirit shows you and how you share with us as Believers in Christ, and the invitation of others coming to Christ. Thank you for your Faithfulness & Obedience which is so rare, today, but I believe those who also have left their First Love will return, as I also have been quilty of but praise the Lord, He is Faithful and just to forgive us. I could share so much more but will leave it here for now. Grace & Peace to you, Always and your Family, also the Ministry. Sent With Love, from Sister Tracey Fields-Strange

  154. Thank you for your YouTube videos. I’ve been waiting on the Lord’s instruction for 3 years, hearing an occasional whisper, but receiving no assignment. Please include my husband, Georges, and me in your prayers, in particular because we are homeless, and for our early 20-somethings, Christopher and Rebecca, who worry and have very limited means being college students, and are now unemployed. I fear for their safety and the strength of their faith. Thank you.

    I would like to keep your contact information, but haven’t found your mailing address, only this form. I pray for your safety,a successful mission, and blessings in this hour.

    Sincerely, Doreen

  155. Dear Bette,thank you for your updating on youtube.Please pray fore me and my family.I live by my self,and feel so alone very often.I will pray for you and your family.

    Sencerly, Solveig

  156. I want to help you financially but all I have is cash and I can’t figure out how to send it to you. Please let me know where I should send it.
    Thank you,

  157. Hello dear Family ..and Bette especially-I am Ivan D.from Bulgaria-65-old man,an orphan,jobless from 6 =six ,months.Also, semi-disabled from 10 years.Have no own house, but pay for one room every month 100 usd.Sorry to say this Now at beginning of my letter Here-I need somebody help me financially..I never beg before in my Life for some money ..but give them when i had a job..I was helping a lot of people..and here the churches and others and my government abandoned me fully=Every month i have to pay to my room..and the other things=My Email is Ivan–GOD YAHUWAH BLESS YOU IN JESUS=YAHUSHUA NAME=AMEN

  158. I knew of 911 before 1997, that’s when I realized there was communication. I was shown issues with my brother, rounding up an angry fragmented family to do an intervention laing proof but Rauch showed me. After he relapsed I was pushed to warn he’d die within 1yr if he didnt stop. He died 6mos later. I actually argued with Ruack for 10sec complaining I thought I had a year, till I was told “I said WITHIN a year.” I’ve been delivered from many many many sins all my life I’ve been a disloyal evil person seeking any power to win. The great sign in heaven woke me and I’ve prepped to endure in place or happy to be enslaved whatever is necessary, happy to die if it glorifies Him. We mustn’t condemn ourselves and there is none in Him. I’m ready to walk away from a fully provisioned solar sleeper home and follow Him. I’ve been delivered from the most heinous crime against Heaven. Praise Yahweh. I prefer head chop given I fully know what revelation states about this. If not, happy to serve however I can. However many people I can fit I’m ready. He talks to us, all we must do is listen. Yashua paid my debt leaving the turin shroud receipt on earth as proof of payment. I am redeeming this receipt come throne judgement time. I no longer call messiah YeZeus and other altered names as I’ve been corrected. I look forward to this grand finale and I’m eager to work.

  159. Dear Sister Bette, I follow your messages from the Lord through A Servant’s Heart on You tube. I subscribed but there was no bell so I could receice notifications. I realize you are in transition but wondered if you were able to get internet yet. Also, is there a way to keep up with your messages. I know the rapture is near. I pay attention to the voice of the Holy Ghost. Be blessed dear Sister as you steadfastly serve Jesus.

  160. Hi Sister B . Prayers from Ireland . I listen to you regularly please pray for me and my Family 👪 .Pray for Irish Priests some are in very great need of prayer . Thank you .

  161. Does 2 THESSALONIANS 2:1-12 really show Jesus “gathering us to him” , Rapture in old translation Bible Geneva Bible 1608?
    We dont know day or hour but signs and seasons that antichrist will be revealed
    and Jesus will call us up? We must go through some tribulation but not wrath?
    Thank you, Bette…many blessings, Sherrie

  162. I’m trying to see how to join your ministry. Would you please forward me this infirmation on how to obtain this request. Thank you… Mrs. Janet

  163. Hello Bette and Pastor John,
    I followed you on YT and was so encouraged how you are God’s servants. I appreciate your messages and would like to keep in touch with y’all. I miss seeing you on YT.
    Pastor John always spoke God’s Word accurately and fervently yet spoke to lost souls with such a tender heart to come to know Jesus.
    Bette I would love to get your book about Redeemed in Hell.
    Bette, how can I get the info (journals) of your prophesies that used to be on your website? I don’t see them any more. I would love to share with my family.
    Y’all have taught me so much. I have continued to pray for y’all as you continue your ministry, for God to keep you strong in His Word and His calling for you, and to keep your hearts encouraged and full of hope, as we know His return is soon and many souls need to hear the gospel.
    I am looking forward to receiving a reply as how I can keep in touch with your updates.
    Blessings in Jesus, Shalom!
    North Atlanta, Ga

  164. Please sister, I have been searching high and low for you. Is it at all possible to find your channel or videos anywhere. God bless you for your obedience to the Lord. May His hand always be upon you. Hallelujah

  165. I can feel it like a pressure chamber on my body, more so this past week. Staying in constant prayer 🙏. Love & Blessings to you Bette & John from Australia xxx✝️💜🕊️